The Thriller Amalgamation

With Halloween and my job starting up again, I’ve decided to go for it.

I’m going to teach my entire school how to dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Well, not the exact choreography because it is very complex. I can’t teach something I don’t understand myself.

I took a handful of the most well-known moves and made a routine. Wanna see the tutorial?

Too bad. I haven’t created one yet. Don’t worry. You’ll be the first to know.

I will leave you with a few pics from the Sinister Creatire Con last weekend. Why yes, that stunning woman is amazing!

And don’t forget Kristin Bauer, of True Blood and Once Upon a Time. She’s pretty awesome too.

Here are some of the cast members of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. See if you recognise them. They were hilarious and I’m not at all offended that they swore in front of my child. It’s an honour, really.



I have yet to play a game of Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve never attended WonderCon, ComicCon, or any other Con for that matter. I tease my husband about the online computer games he plays. But I can’t stand it anymore. I’m obsessed with all things vampire, werewolf, shifter, fae… You name it, I’ve probably read it or will soon.

Yes. I am in the supernatural closet.

Until now.

Confession #1: Though I am unimpressed with Stephenie Meyers’ writing, I did swoon over Edward and Jacob. Well, until they cast the BOY who played Sharkboy from the kids’ movie “Sharkboy and Lavagirl”. Ew!

Confession #2: I tune into True Blood because of the storyline, because I’m a huge fan of the Charlaine Harris novels, and because duh, of the eye candy.

Confession #3: I don’t read Stephen King but I do read what he recommends. I would have never read the Hunger Games trilogy, “The Passage” by Justin Cronin, and other awesome novels.

Confession #4: I love Misfits, the best show you’re not watching. Watch it. Love it. Email me and we’ll gab about how awesome it is and how hot Simon is.

More confessions to come later…

A Week in Review: Less is More

YAY! Mommy is letting us eat donuts! That's Mommy's coffee in the corner.

Teachers love using graphic organizers. I love using KWL charts where students explore what we KNOW about a subject, what we WANT to know, and finally what we have LEARNED. While I am very tempted to bust out my chart paper and magic markers, I will resign myself to a KWL LIST of what I have learned this week of decluttering, cleansing, and cleaning.

This can't be MY pantry. Empty shelf space? Nothing on the floor? Whaaaaa...?

What do I KNOW about myself and my kids?

1. I am VERY lazy. I honestly thought I’d be able to afford a housekeeper by now. Well, you’re reading her blog right now.

2. I love teaching and have great pride in all of the books and teachings aids I’ve bought, received as gifts, or made myself.

3. While my son finally understands that his interests have changed, my older daughter cannot bear to part with anything that she owns. She even told her kindergarten teacher last year that I threw away her toys. I didn’t. I just told her if she didn’t clean her room, I’d throw her toys away. Geez.

4. My kids do very little chores around the house. My doctor suggested that they do more and a friend of mine told me that her kids do their own laundry (her youngest is M’s age).

5. I am afraid of becoming a hoarder.

6. OMG, I LOVE ERIC, LAFAYETTE & HIS BOYFRIEND, AND THAT SEXY WERE ALCIDE. Had to sneak that in there. Can you tell what I’m watching right now?

Useless small shelf above the washer and dryer. Useless no more!

What did I WANT to know?

1. Am I capable of cleaning for a whole week?

2. Do I really need my teaching stuff (not including a few professional development books) even though a classroom teaching job is years away?

3. Can I give away clothing and toys that we didn’t need anymore? Would the kids be able to decide what toys they wanted to give away?

4. Would the kids be able to help with cleaning on a daily basis?

What did I LEARN?

1. Wow. I CAN clean the house. REAL cleaning. Not fake Swiffering either. However I do need (1) motivation such as shows like Clean House, Hoarders, and True Blood reruns and (2) to pace myself. Focusing on one big chore or room at a time is a good start.

2. I can stay away from Facebook and Starbucks. I do miss reading goofy stuff my friends post but I can wait. While I did have Starbucks on Friday during the week, I did go eight days without it. Face-bucks Fridays are a good compromise. I got a lot of reading and writing done this week and frankly, I enjoyed it.

3. My stuff, particularly my teaching stuff, doesn’t define me. I kept the most important things to me and I wish the best of luck to the teachers and students who will use them.

4. Toys that aren’t used need to be passed on to charity. Toys that are broken should to be fixed; if they can’t be fixed, they need to be thrown away. Toys that fall between the couch or that have been ignored on the floor forever need to be thrown away. Two trunks full of clothes and unwanted toys. Four garbage bags stuffed full with broken toys and random, for lack of a better word, CRAP.

5. Wow. Jason Stackhouse is hot too.

6. I posted a list of chores that the kids absolutely have to do because they live here and they have a responsibility to the house. They are expected to: (in chronological order)

– make bed
– start breakfast without Mommy (don’t fret, usually cereal or waffles)
– get socks and shoes on without Mommy having to say
– pack (most of) lunch
– empty dishwasher
– brush teeth

– all toys go back in their rooms or playroom (NO TOYS DOWNSTAIRS)
– homework
– read
– load dishwasher
– set table (including getting milk, utensils, condiments, etc. for self and siblings)
– wipe down table and countertops
– get backpack ready for tomorrow

– clean room (all toys must be put away, nothing on floor, nothing on floor in closet)
– brush/floss teeth

(ok, NOT optional but not required on a regular basis)
– dog poop
– random backyard garbage
– reading/teaching siblings

"My boyfriend of three years is moving away today!" Her BF will still be in the same class but it won't be the same.

Day 3: Cheating and a Clean(er) House

I admit it. I cheated yesterday. I should have cleaned something other than the dogs so I did extra today. I scrubbed half the kitchen tile countertops. Tile sucks, by the way. Also I decluttered the cupboards, the pantry, and scrubbed the floor in the pantry too. Since I was already scrubbing, I also scrubbed the downstairs bathroom.

I read a comment yesterday about decluttering which I’m finding to be true. Decluttering usually means rearranging stuff first so it’s messy before it gets better.

So I don’t have junk drawers. I have now have a Trader Joe’s bag that will now be dubbed the junk bag. Notice I said only half the countertops. And it’s only because, you guessed it: stuff from the cupboards and pantry are in countertop purgatory. I did throw away stuff that was old and/or mostly used. For the first time in our lives we have empty shelf space in the cupboards and pantry.

Most of my friends have self-proclaimed OCD when it comes to cleaning and they complain about it! Of everything to be OCD about, cleaning would be the best one. At least your house is immaculate. Maybe I should channel my obsessions toward housekeeping and maintaining organization. I don’t REALLY need to know what my Facebook friends are eating for lunch, do I? (I don’t know. Some of them are pretty good cooks. You know who you are.)

[Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and do not have ill will towards those who have OCD. If you think you may have OCD or other mental disorders, please consult your doctor. Also, if you cannot sympathize with my week of everything and think I’m just a whiner, you’re right so why are you still reading? It’s because I’m hilarious, right?]

I don’t know about you but I do a lot of mindless hoarding. Extra birthday candles. I don’t want to buy more for the next birthday so let’s just put it on the shelf. What about sprinkles and warranties and receipts and the mortar and pestal I found for only two bucks? I don’t want to buy something that I threw away or donated. Before I got too overwhelmed tonight, I needed a strategy and I actually drew a picture of what I wanted the cupboards and pantry to look like. Mind you, all of this was done after the kids were fed, bathed, and put to bed.


1. Have motivation
I love Clean House but I loathe sitting through the whole show because let’s face it, I only like the last ten minutes where they show the before and after. So if I watch the ten minute intro, I can clean for forty quick minutes so I can catch the last ten. YESSSSS!

2. Don’t start in the middle
In my case, I cleaned the tile on one side of the oven, then the INSIDE of the oven, and finally the tile on the other side. If I started with the oven, I would have felt overwhelmed being surrounded by the mess and said I was too tired to do any more work.

So hurry up and push through the worse before you go to bed! Eeeeek! Very tempting to leave the mess on the kitchen island. Eh, I think I’ll put on the last episode of True Blood and won’t let myself sit down and drool over Eric until I’m done.

There you have it: lots of cleaning, donated what I don’t need, no Starbucks and no Facebook, no eating out.

Wait, I cheated. I texted a friend about gossip. Only heard about JLo and Skeletor.

If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a date with a thousand year old vampire.