Craft Vomit: Cute mirror and a lesson in DIY oven burner cleaner

Do you remember this mirror?

It looked like this, before primer and violet spray paint. Again, I will soften the edges with a little bit of silver paint.

I found the mirror at Goodwill for five bucks but it was half-off for the day-after-Christmas sale. It was only two dollars and fifty cents!

I have a really disgusting oven. The burners are so gross that I will not even take a picture of them. I tried this tutorial I found on Pinterest but it didn’t work on our disgusting burners.

So now I am in the middle of my second attempt. Some of the comments suggested laying some paper towels soaked in ammonia underneath the burners, setting them horizontally, and even allowing the burners to sit in ammonia for several days.

I did all of the above and went a step further by putting each ziplock bag in another plastic bag, and putting these plastic bags in a larger garbage bag… but only because there were leaks that lead to this:

Ammonia was trapped under my ring and started to burn through my skin. Like a dumbass I ignored it because I thought that the plastic bags were cutting through my skin.

Nope, it was ammonia eating through my skin. All that’s left is a scar.

So me being me, I started thinking…

-Love, like a scar, lasts forever.
-Man, Voldemort has got nothing on ammonia!
-Wear gloves or you’ll catch ammonia.
-All is fair in Pinterest and scar.
-I logged onto Pinterest and all I got was this lousy scar.
-Look! I made a scar! Well, Pin It then!
-Ammonia gonna pin one more thing, I promise!
-Voldemort, you don’t keep your nose clean with that DIY burner cleaner! Oops. Too late.
-Harry Potter and I are both scarred for life.
-Yes, I’m not wearing my wedding ring. No, we are not getting a divorce. Amonnia just giving my finger some air.

That’s it. If you needed more proof that I was a goofball, here it is. And remember, always use precautions when using chemicals AND TAKE OFF YOUR RINGS!

Craft Vomit: Keep Calm and Kate Middleton On

Remember the gold frame I bought from Goodwill?

It got the primer and paint treatment yesterday and a new picture for display purposes (though it looks so cute in there, I might just keep it as is). I love the color but I’ll probably soften up the edges with a touch of silver paint.

The next picture is… well, how I kinda improvise. The black and white copy of the print I made in my printer was a bit askew (because I was yelling at the kids, seriously). As a result, the sides got a bit chopped off.

A few star stickers (because I did not want to look for the tape for more than ten seconds) and voila!

This is a black and white copy of a photo that appears in the Spring 2011 issue of Newsweek. I added the color with a colored pencil around her silhouette and bouquet.

Craft Vomit: Violet & blue frames, violet jewely tray

Our local Goodwill had an awesome sale the day after Christmas. Everything was half off. I picked up a lot of frames, mirrors, mason jars, and even a striking lined red coat for myself for forty bucks.

Yesterday the sun was out and so I allowed myself a painting day in the driveway. Taped and primed, then sat with a cup of coffee while trying to make flowers out of old magazines. When the primer layer was done, the spray painting began.

It. Was. Awesome.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love painting, the soft bristles, the gentle repetitive movement, the meditative state I fall into whenever I tap that side of my brain. But the spraying?

The spraying was fun. And fast.

While I haven’t untaped everything (I get distracted really easily as you will probably see in the next post or two), I did put finishing touches on three of the frames.

The blue color of the frame reminds me of the Tiffany blue but it did NOT translate to our laundry room. Yes, later post. Promise. The violet is always a favorite color and the tiny frame is adorable (it’s only two by three inches) but my favorite piece is the jewelry tray. I am thinking about keeping this one for myself and setting it next to my bathroom sink. The fabric was on sale at IKEA at about three bucks a yard; I still have a lot of it left from the holidays. The black/glittery paper is also leftover from the holidays when five 12″ x 12″ sheets were a buck at Joanne’s Fabrics.

Do you use spray paint for your DIY projects? Do you prefer painting the old-fashioned way or both?

Craft Vomit: Magnetic Make-up Board

I saw a tutorial on how to create your own make-up board here and wanted to create one for myself. While I didn’t follow her directions exactly, I still love the outcome.

Fabric was on clearance at IKEA for three bucks a yard.

My make-up collection has seen better days.

Use a glue gun to attach the magnets to the back of your make-up.

Ugly magnets that came with the board.

These containers needed more magnets!

Popped the board out and used hot glue gun to secure the fabric to the board.

Need containers for brushes and other eye tube things.

The cup shape was not working with the magnets so... I added a fourth magnet to the third one.

Make-up brushes were too heavy so I put magnets on them too. I glued fabric flowers from a previous craft to the magnets that came with the board.

Craft Vomit & Dolce

My daughter A was so excited to find this outside of our Starbucks. I was excited to be at Starbucks.

My niece picked this out for me for Christmas this year. She's got great taste!

Christmas cards on our wreath

You can find out more about how to make this wreath here.

Old frame from Goodwill for a buck. Picture was taken in Savannah, GA. Shells were found in Virginia Beach, VA by my daughter.

Because you can never have too many dog pictures on your blog.

Craft Vomit: DIY Giant Letter Photo Collage

Just add glossy Modge Podge.

This week that is my motto.

Giant letter from Joanne’s. Copies of family pics on regular printer paper, ran through my copier/printer. Patience.

You should always read comments and suggestions before attempting a craft. I starting cutting up real photos (extras, mind you) in the shape of the letter…

And then I read that one DIY-er made black and white copies of pics because it’s way easier to manipulate the paper onto the letter. Duh.

Then I realized that I can take the same pictures that I cut up and recreate another letter T on canvas! Hmmm… Will do that one tonight.

Hint: Do the front of the letter first and don't be afraid to let larger photos fold over the side. When you go around curves, cut small slits in your paper to avoid wrinkling. Ahhh... perfect!

So many projects, so little time. I have to hurry up and do as many as I can before I run out of gas.

Or Modge Podge.

I found this tutorial here at Transforming Home. Follow me at “Almalynn” on Pinterest and I will follow you back.

Craft Vomit: DIY Clothespin Wreath

There is an adorable green clothespin wreath over here at Craftiness is Not Optional and I wanted to make one right away. I found embroidery hoops for five bucks at Joanne’s… then I found a couple at Goodwill for a buck! I took the money I saved and bought some new items for the giving tree at our church. It’s a win-win situation, really.

I thought about painting the clothespins green but didn’t because that would make sense, painting a wreath green. No, I had to paint it different and because I was a kindergarten teacher the only red paint I have is the obnoxious but pretty shade of bright red. I darkened it a bit with some purple paint.

The ribbon is 60% off at Joanne’s. Life is too short to waste on cheap, ugly ribbon.