The Fall Finale

Fall is not over yet and it sure took it’s time getting to Northern California. We were in downtown Sacramento this morning for the UC Davis Children’s Hospital MaraFun Run in conjunction with the California International Marathon.   
I feel like the leaves should have changed colours back in October, right before Halloween and just in time for my birthday. Luckily there are other ways to celebrate fall.

Right before lunch this week, the girls noticed leaves falling from trees. We spent the next few minutes trying to catch them as they fell. Girls: 0. Mommy: 1.

The Crocker Congruence

We got a family pass to the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento. There are so many wonderful events going on right now, including African-American Art: Harlem Renaissance, Civil Rights Era, and Beyond.




A even got a chance to contribute to the community quilt. She was so excited that she wanted to learn how to sew. I would help her but I’ve had quite a run in with a sewing machine that involved me at nine months pregnant, a fire truck, and kittens batting around the thread dangling from my index finger. Yes, I think lessons from Grandma or Joanne’s might be appropriate here.





The girls found a hidden treasure at the museum. Who knew that a quaint space under a stairwell could hold so much potential for fun? They did!



One of A’s favorite sculptures


Here she is looking at a painting and saying, “Look at how many naked people are in this painting!”


And more pics if their favorite art pieces:




The Sac-Con Convention

It started in April. I didn’t think it was a big deal.

Boy, was I wrong.

The huge Comic Con in San Diego was curious but I thought it was too expensive, too crowded, and indeed the most hipster way possible, too mainstream. So when the local comic con came to my attention, we thought WHY NOT?






I don’t know too much about Wizard World, only that this year was the first in Sacramento and next year should be even bigger.

We went on two separate days and the kids got really into to it. The oldest M cosplayed as the Eleventh Doctor and as Darryl from The Walking Dead. The youngest L dressed as her favorite My Little Pony and as Merida from the movie Brave. We all picked up a cute souvenir (note to self: make sure each child earns his/her own money to buy what they want) and while we did pick up one thing for each child, I imagine it will get more expensive as this convention is the first of three we are attending this year!

R came with us the first afternoon it opened and he will never do that again. While we all had a wonderful time people watching and finding unique posters, t- shirts, and collectibles that only die hard fandoms would appreciate, the crowds and noise were still too much for him.

The oldest and youngest came back with me the following day and they had a blast, especially since they changed their cosplay! They both got stopped by other convention goers so families, children, and other cosplayers could take their picture with them.

Recently we went to Sac Con. This convention was much smaller but the best parts of people watching, geek t-shirt acquiring, and socializing were the same.








I picked up this awesome shirt


And used my teaching powers for good as in, “Please sign this postcard for my class!”


After hearing it was for a classroom, the Power Rangers Samurai did one better and all signed a poster for free! Wow! I will never stop talking about their kindness and commitment to children long after their show has ended!

Next month we are heading to Sac Anime which reminds me… We have to get our costumes ready!

The Sore Loser Disappointment

Because of the wonderful folks over at Operation Care and Comfort, we have been able to see professional sports games that we would have otherwise not have been able to afford. These tickets are donated from the both the sports teams and ticket holders who generously give up their tickets.

One of the events we were able to attend was the last Sacramento Kings game of the season. My only disappointment was the poor sportsmanship from fans, young and old. It wasn’t everyone, mind you. However, if my child was yelling rude comments to the other team, no matter high up in the stadium, I would stop it immediately.

The highlight of the evening was the look on A’s face when she realized that the men behind us were spitting out sunflower seed shells on the floor right behind us! She was totally shocked! Great sports pasttime or disgusting habit? Um, I vote for the latter but eh, maybe I’m not cut out for seeing games in person.

Or maybe, shells that used to be in someone else’s mouth and are now right next to my hair are disgusting!