Day 4: Pushing limits

Today I scrubbed the kitchen island countertop and purged boxes of my teaching history.

The kitchen is eighty percent decluttered. The top cupboards and pantry are done. I have the bottom cupboards and under the sink to figure out. I also would like to revisit the junk drawers and put away or donate all of minor random things once and for all.

I went through several boxes of teaching. I kept a few books on education that I enjoy reading, in and out of the classroom. I set aside primary, phonics, and ESL books for another friend who teaches second grade. More stuff is scattered throughout the house and will soon be given a new home in a couple of classrooms, finally getting used and helping children learn.

I don’t know why I thought I should give away most of my things. I think I just didn’t want to feel tied down to them. I wanted to stop waiting for a job and to give all of these wonderful resources a new label other than “stuff in my garage”.

If there is anything that I know for sure, it’s whatever you let go into the universe it will come back to you ten-fold. Call it karma, optimism, whatever you want. When you let go of something whether it’s money or negativity, or in my case, teacher supplies, you will be rewarded exponentially. Now I’m not saying declare bankruptcy and you’ll win the lottery. I’m just saying when you quit worrying and focus on more positive thoughts and actions, the more you’ll notice the positive things in life. Maybe some of my stuff wasn’t effective for ME but that doesn’t mean that someone won’t find it useful.

My daughter A pushed her limits today in gymnastics and learned a new skill on the bar. She was the first in her class to do a reverse pullover. I don’t even know if that’s the right phrase. All I know is that when she’s holding herself up above the bar, she can swing herself all the way around, legs first. Whoa, right?

My son M pushed his limits with his video games tonight. I allow video games during the week but only if homework is done. He finished early because he’s gotten wiser about time management. Unfortunately there’s some rule about “saving” his place in his game where the enemy has to be defeated, the level has to be completed, the stars have to be aligned, whatever. It took him fifty minutes to save a game. All of our commute home from the gymnastics studio and then some!

Fifty minutes! That’s absolutely ridiculous. He was pretty upset that I yelled at him but I don’t apologize at all for being a hard-ass. Not at all. Had he been reading he would have put a bookmarker in his book and went about his bedtime routine. As I put him to bed, I told him that he needed to come up with a solution so that this doesn’t happen again.

Do your children have video games and if so, how much do you allow them to play? Do you have different rules for summer or the weekends?

Also how much do you emphasize school and homework? How do you work with your child’s teacher?

Oops, snuck in child-rearing questions but this is the week of everything. Do you have clutter in your home? How do you get rid of it? What do you consider clutter?

There you have it: stayed off Facebook for a solid week, Zumba-d my ass off for an hour (no, wait… it’s still there), cleaned the countertops, purged teaching clutter, saw my daughter push herself beyond her limits, and am helping my son define his.

Also noteworthy: had Rubios for dinner (first time going out to eat in a week, yay!) and said no to a drink at a Starbucks-like franchise called It’s A Grind. That last one took strength because it was so hot this afternoon, my friends had delicious icy caffeinated beverages in their hands, AND even offered to buy me a coffee!

Have I reached my limits yet?

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #10

So over on Wife of a Sailor (Yes! The link is up! Thanks, Rain into Rainbows!), Wife posts questions for other bloggers to answer on their own military spouse blogs. (Still with me so far?) And since I’m watching the Gaga rerun on Glee, I thought this might be fun to fill out while watching Idina the goddess herself belt out “Funny Girl”. She (and all of the other Broadway stars on that show) must be AMAZING in person. Still holding out for Jonathon Groff! *swoon*

Feel free to put on your own blogs and/or comment with your own answers. Have a great weekend!

1. Facebook or Twitter?

I’d have to go with Facebook because most of our family and friends are on it. It is so simple to upload pictures and provide updates of our family. Twitter is fun too because I get to “follow” LeVar Burton and Judy Blume.

2. Hard Tacos or Soft Tacos?

Soft tacos. Hard tacos break too easily. Nachos are a good alternative to hard tacos. I prefer a good fish taco from Rubios. Breaded and fried fish, shredded cabbage, a smidge of guac and white cream sauce, topped with pico de gallo in a corn tortilla. Yum!

3. Gardening or crafting?

Definitely crafting. I can’t grow anything except babies. As a young milspouse, I tried everything from sewing to knitting. Didn’t fail, more like lost motivation. The only thing I’m really good at is baking.

And eating baked goods. My bad. That’s two things.

4. Fruit or vegetables?

I would say fruit, especially in the summer when everything is ripe, fresh, and cheap! I am coming around to liking vegetables and thinking outside of the salad box.

5. Motorcycle or bicycle?

I loved riding my bike until I realized I was paying more in flat tires than the bike itself. Something thorny grows everywhere and it drives me nuts. Definitely NO to motorcycles. We’ve known too many who have been injured in motorcycle accidents. One of R’s best friends was in a fatal motorcycle accident about eleven years ago.

Your turn!

Today’s agenda

5:30 am / Wake up. Don’t know why. Sun peeking out from blinds. Not sure since oldest son kicked me out of bed so he could sleep next to Daddy. Not complaining. Both snore and/or elbow me. Go back to sleep.

6:00 am / Wake up again. Put last load of husband’s laundry into dryer. Go back to sleep.

6:02 am / Can’t sleep. Let dogs out. Empty dishwasher. Load dishwasher. Various chores until husband wakes up.

Blur of hair ties, finding socks, pouring cereal until 7:40 am. Son decided last night to miss school in order to bring Daddy to airport. Daughter wanted to go to school but realizes she would not be able to walk home with brother. Abruptly changes mind.

8:05 am / Slowing down at Starbucks. Hates spending $$$ on dessert at Starbucks especially for the tablespoons of sugar they call “Cake Pops” but eh. Don’t dare say NO today. Probably not until Sunday. Sunday is when I put foot down. Don’t tell the kids. Son reads excerpts of the Do-It-Yourself Diary of a Wimpy Kid book he filled out by himself to Husband. Every fourth word is POOP. That’s nice.

8:40 am / Go to drive thru of, according to Husband, the best Mexican restaurant at a gas station. Order Heaven in a styrofoam box, also known as chilequilas which is in essence, a nacho omlette and OMG. It’s good.

8:42 am / Leave drive through. Kids try to give their order. WHAT?! Promises to buy Mexican food after dropping Daddy off at airport.

9:40 am / Goodbyes at airport. No tears. Not yet.

10:15 am / Kids are hungry but Rubios not open. Mom has kids do homework, read, and/or watch educational video until restaurant opens.

12:00 noon / Lunch at Rubios. Cookies from cookie shop next door.

1:00 pm / Resume educational work at home. Play with dogs. Allowed to watch a few shows when done with all homework. Eat dinner later and wait for friend to pick up kids. Eat last of emergency chocolate at 2:00 pm.

6:00 pm / Back to School night at kids’ school. Both teachers are amazing and understanding. Look forward to assisting teachers any way I can this year. Help with PTA Membership/Clothing Table.

8:30 pm / Pick up kids who just got out of the pool. Kids are starving. Make kids bathe/shower quickly. Warm up leftover BBQ that Daddy made the other day.

9:00 pm / Whining begins. Already way past bedtime. Already burned off dinner. Already got a text saying Husband landed safely.

9:15 pm / Tuck kids in bed. Listen to son cry and say, “I want Daddy to tuck me in!” over and over. Try to cheer him up but know it will fail. “Why can’t Daddy live here?” Usually a very logical kid but he cannot think right now. Only feel. Promise to check on him soon.

9:20 pm / Tuck girls in bed. No complaints. Yet. I give it two days.

9:21 pm / Stomach cramping. Probably should not be making homemade chicken nachos, using chicken from Husband’s BBQ.

9:45 pm / Remembering peanut butter chocolate chip cookie that I didn’t eat still in pantry. Mentally creating To-Do List for tomorrow.

10:00 pm / Still remembering peanut butter chocolate chip cookie that I didn’t eat still in pantry. Mentally erasing To-Do List for tomorrow. Everything can wait, except for the kitty litter duty. Ew. Definitely will have to do that one tomorrow.

10:05 pm / Still remembering peanut butter chocolate chip cookie that I didn’t eat still in pantry.

10:10 pm / Still remembering peanut butter chocolate chip cookie that I didn’t eat still in pantry.

10:15 pm / Still remembering peanut butter chocolate chip cookie that I didn’t eat still in pantry.

10:16 pm / Disgusted watching a local news clip about an owner who wanted to put down his beautiful 12 year old chocolate lab… and there was nothing wrong with the dog! WHAAAAAAAT?! Shelter decided NOT to put down the dog and is going to put him up for adoption. Stop. I’m not going to adopt the dog. Can’t say I didn’t think about it though.

It is going to be a long weekend and it isn’t even Friday yet. So many friends have checked in with me and shown their support. Will need support next week to help me kick the sugar-habit, hint hint.

Will check up on son tonight. Will head upstairs soon to put as much space as possible between me and that damn cookie.

Good night.