5Ks and All That Jazz

So in order to make up for the gluttonous frenzy that was December, R and I have been busy but ew, not like that!

R is in San Antonio getting fitted for a leg brace for his left foot which helps him with movement. It is remarkable to see how much his foot has improved especially since his foot drop was so bad the first six months that when he was not wearing his leg brace, it appeared that he was en pointe.

In November his leg strength was at seventy percent and today, at his assessment today, he is at eighty-eight percent– two percent from being average for a male his age. He makes such a big deal about NOT wanting to be average, to be above average than his peers, that this was wonderful news.

We noticed that he makes tremendous gains after he participates in activities outside of his physical therapy like the 5K he ran last weekend. Makes sense though. One would probably perform better when it is an intrinsic goal rather than one that is expected. He may even be cleared in time to squeeze in another short deployment.

And I know what you’re thinking, “Oh my gawd! Would you even LET him deploy again? Hasn’t he been through enough? Haven’t YOU been through enough?”

To which I would reply, “Meh.” He’s gonna do what he wants to do. He’s gonna do what he needs to do. Far be it from me to tell him what he should or shouldn’t do. That would be like him telling me to stop going to Nordstrom!

I finished my second 5K ever on Saturday. I walked the entire thing with a friend who has vowed to join me in three more races this year. Our time was the base point of which we will beat at our next race in March.

In regards to food consumption, I have not bought diet soda in a week. I… um… have indulged in chocolate this week and maybe ate too much a few times but eh, most of my meals are smaller. Also, there are less carb-y snacks in the house and when the kids want the carb-y stuff, the must eat fruit first. I just wish I walked the walk like I talked the talk.


It has been chilly this past week. The other night I jumped into the bed and shuddered at shock of a cold bed. That quickly turned to joy.

Joy that around this time next year R will be thisclose to retirement and we will live under the same roof again. This joy turned into inner peace that we all crave and seek all of our lives.

You know you are a military spouse when you sigh at the prospect of living with your loved one once again.

This military lifestyle is depressing at worst, exhilarating at best. Definitely unique.

If I could go back and do it again, I would. I would definitely lower my expectations of hobbies that I would pursue, interior decorating projects that I would start but never finish, and find a community in real life and in the cyber world of spouses just like me a lot sooner.

In the end though, things are just fine. Just fine right now.

R is still in Texas, still getting used to his brace that has inevitably ruined his shoes. He signed up for a 5K for this weekend and declared he would try and break the brace. He wanted to put it through the ringer, work out harder, run faster. All so he could test the durability.

It passed but his cheap shoes didn’t.

Now my husband is proud of his cheap ways and slowly I am turning the same way but one thing I know is that I will never skimp on the quality of my shoes. You can buy Monet shoes (Clueless movie reference: stuff that “looks beautiful far away but up close it’s a big mess”) but they will hurt your feet. He buys shoes for ten bucks and claims his feet… wait for it… “only bleed for a week”.

Um, your feet are not supposed to bleed. At all.

I don’t tease him because before the accident he lapped Marines on the track, outran kids half his age, and kept up with Navy SEALS on the obstacle courses.

Now it’s a different story. He needs quality shoes. Needless to say, he will be taking a trip to Ross this morning. Perhaps even Sam’s Club.

In the meantime, he’s still skeptical about his foot brace. Still wondering if it will help him to be as mobile as he once was. Curious to see if his foot will go back to normal. Waiting on the present for a better tomorrow.