This week’s Craft Vomit

2 Dollar Tree foam boards glued together. Covered with IKEA fabric on clearance ($3/yard). Glued clothespins and string to the back so I could easily move it left to right without getting to technical with measurements.

Large two buck frame from Goodwill. Prime & spray paint. Took off back. Wrote directly on the glass with a paint marker. The top two lines are our birthdays, then our anniversary, followed by the kids' birthdays.

Don’t ask me why I decided to tag all of my crafty posts with “Craft Vomit”. It was Christmas and I was looking at all of the stuff I was making and I thought, “Gosh, it looks like Michael’s threw up in our house.”

It works. I’ll keep it.

Dollar Tree Owl painted with nail polish, DT headband covered in ribbon, tulle, and a feather boa I bought from Express from... wait for it... the 90s! I will wear this to church on Sunday if it doesn't rain. This owl is NOT waterfproof.

Dollar frame from Goodwill. Cleaned up chips with black Sharpie. Added hooks, painted hooks & keys in frame with nail polish.

In the meantime, I have been a little frantic with the craftiness. I love the creativity on Pinterest and think, “Wow! I want to do that too!”

Pack of 6 door hangers from Wal-Mart. Color coded for each kid. Paint chips for chores. Separate door hanger for morning and afternoon routines. Keep track of list with clothespin. Nag-free mornings all week!

But my mind takes it a step futher. Several dozen times.

Sometimes I start a craft and I think I'll be done quickly. Crepe paper roses are fast to make but take SO FREAKING long to accumulate. Actually paper rose anything takes too long. The end result is quite pretty though. I will never buy a foam ball ever again. I will use rolled up plastic bags and cover with strips of magazines.


For twenty minutes this morning I closed my eyes and felt nothing. I floated in the pool of my gym without three kids to watch over like a hawk, without worrying that some random toddler might pee in my hair, without feeling the weight of the world.

My absolute favorite Zumba instructor in the entire world has been on vacation in Mexico for the last two weeks and won’t return until the end of July. Vanessa is amazing and will push you until you need to be pushed. She plays her music too loud but I prefer it that way. Her class never feels like a class, just fifty dancers listening to good music who happen to be facing the same way. To be honest, if another Zumba instructor even comes close to resembling an aerobics class, I will walk out. Not rudely but Vanessa has raised my expectations of Zumba. I want a workout, I want good music, and I don’t want to mess around with your version of merengue, thank you very much.

When I was let go of my teaching position two years ago (something I have blogged about earlier but I don’t know how to magically make that blue link appear so have fun looking for it; heck, have a glass of wine and relax while you browse), I needed a life change and a hobby. I wasn’t getting any younger and the two pound gain a year is no big deal the first year but holy crap, for the past two decades?! No need for the swear words here. Pretty sure you know them all.

My kids love the gym. Locations all around the area. Huge playland structures, playgrounds that rival their school’s playground, clean and new toys, great staff that the kids have grown up with for the last two years. Also…

They constantly ask, “When are we going to the gym?”

Which means no more excuses for me. Though a six foot tall excuse flies in every few months for a visit and I have to make myself go back again after he leaves. He does not like our gym though. You can’t expect someone who climbed high obstacle courses, carried boats above his head at BUDS training (whatever that acronym means), sat with other guys in the crashing waves as punishment during said training, and even went through a simulated helicopter crash into the ocean complete with a zero-vision helmet (!) to like this shiny, new gym. You just can’t.

Not only that, I have to reevaluate my diet, namely my damn sugar consumption, and make adjustments.

The disgustingly hot weather here in Sacramento fortunately lessens my cravings for heartier fare. We naturally buy more fresh fruit since who can resist all of the tasty mangos from Sam’s Club? Not us because it rarely makes it to the third day in our house.

The pool sounded like a good idea this morning.

If you’ve ever been to a crowded pool and abhored it, you can appreciate my experience this morning: NO KIDS. Maybe two swimmers doing laps way too fast. They must have been related to King Triton.

I didn’t even know what to do with myself when I walked out to the pool area.


What do I do with SILENCE?

I looked at the calm water and then closed my eyes. The early morning sun was warm but comfortable. I kicked off my sandals, not caring what I looked like in my Target two piece (longer top, not that bold yet, ask me in twenty pounds) and slowly stepped into the pool.

Looking back it’s kind of funny how in our moments of need, in moments of stress, how life slows down when you become mindful of your surroundings. Not hey-let’s-do-this or get-it-over-with but really reflecting, really meditating so much so that you’re lost in the moment when really, you’re not lost at all.

I didn’t go nuts by cannonballing into the pool. Maybe I’ll do it next time and have someone film it with my cell. I just did whatever I felt like doing at the moment. Backstroke across the pool. Swimming underwater. Dog paddling. I think I may have even made up some strokes too.

Mostly I just floated on my back and closed my eyes.

It’s funny how this weightless feeling is not something I have to strive for but rather something I just have to allow to happen. And really it isn’t just about being weightless in a pool. This week it was sitting in the middle of the movie theater thinking, “Wow! The final movie in the Rowling series and then I’m having sushi with my husband afterward!”. It was also giving our kids a big hug before their first day of school and watching them walk away. Yesterday it was at 2 pm when I knew what lay ahead when the kids realized that Daddy was gone. Again.

That moment was commemorated with three squares of Cadbury milk chocolate. The kids were downstairs getting restless. I was reading the newest Entertainment Weekly upstairs in our bed with the fan pointed in my direction.

Here’s to more weightless moments and sugar-free ones at that.

1. Zumba and aqua aerobics
2. Blogging (if you don’t have one, I highly recommend starting one; FREE THERAPY!)
3. Cadbury (that one has got to stop to be monthly)
4. Watching the kids get lost in swimming or gymnastics or just getting along
5. Waiting all week to get Starbucks and finally having that first sip of a soy tuxedo, no whipped
6. Playing with my pets (OMG! I’ve completely morphed into PET OWNER!)
7. Reading
8. Deciding to finally clean and AFTER a big clean-up (notice I did not say “actual cleaning”)
9. Renting a DVD with my husband, putting the kids to bed, and one of us sneaking out to get ice cream to really enjoy the movie
10. Napping when you need one
11. Deciding not to get nails done for a bit and getting a new bottle of nail polish

Have you found how to get your “weightless” moments? Please share so that I might add them to my queue.