Random Acts of Kindness

My daughter had an assignment over Christmas break. Her class was finishing up a unit on kindness and she had to choose one of the following:

– volunteer for church
– write a letter to a soldier
– bake treats for your neighbor

It turns out that we do all of these things anyway. We made Muddy Buddies over the weekend and the kids made Christmas cards for our neighbors.

[BTW, that recipe is delicious and I didn’t even make it right! I totally forgot to add the vanilla but I’m still inhaling those darn Muddy Buddies by the handful!]

I think that really is the spirit of the season. Doing things for others for no underlying reason.

There’s something about the Advent season that makes people slow down, kinder to one another. (Save for the craziness of the day after Thanksgiving sales.) People are more patient, making the effort to talk to complete strangers even if it’s to just say “happy holidays”.

I only wish it lasted throughout the year.

And it can.

Why can’t we do random acts of kindness throughout the year? After all, the phrase is RANDOM acts of kindness, not CHRISTMAS acts of kindness.

I know our family will try to remember this throughout the year. Volunteering with our church and school is becoming second nature with our family and I couldn’t be prouder.