The Fall Finale

Fall is not over yet and it sure took it’s time getting to Northern California. We were in downtown Sacramento this morning for the UC Davis Children’s Hospital MaraFun Run in conjunction with the California International Marathon.   
I feel like the leaves should have changed colours back in October, right before Halloween and just in time for my birthday. Luckily there are other ways to celebrate fall.

Right before lunch this week, the girls noticed leaves falling from trees. We spent the next few minutes trying to catch them as they fell. Girls: 0. Mommy: 1.

The Fall Vortex

It’s finally fall! Woo hoo!

It’s even raining outside; good news for California since we’ve been in such a terrible drought. No, I’m not getting out of bed to take a picture of the puddles outside. 

I recently splurged on Uggs for me and the girls at this awesome discount store. I think it’s called Off Fifth, the one that is dumping grounds (i.e. last season or discontinued) for Saks Fifth Avenue. I’ve never shopped at Saks as a previous experience left me dizzy at the price of a tank top– eighty bucks!– but heavily discounted and high quality I can do. Needless to say the girls cannot wear these to school or the rain. 

I found these cuties at Target. We have slowly amassed an owl collection, especially since they are considered seasonal and on clearance after Halloween. (Do you see a pattern here?) These owls are especially adorable since my cousin married a Brit who loves his bow ties because as any Whovian will tell you, bow ties are cool.