The Pacing Polarization

I have a confession. I cannot run on a treadmill.

I think you knew that already.

It’s too easy for me to quit on a treadmill. Oh no, I can’t run in a straight line. Oh no, I’m so tired. Oh no, I’m getting so sweaty. Oh no, I hate the TV monitor in front my face but I don’t want to turn it on so instead I’m watching my sweaty face bounce up and down in the reflection. Oh no, the lady next to me is running so fast I don’t think there’s enough electricity for both of our treadmills.

When I run outside, there is no quitting. I always have to run back to where I started. Reminds me of the joke we heard when we were kids.

“How far did the dog run into the forest?” “HALFWAY!”

The weather is getting very hot, very quickly. This morning the wind was still a little chilly to balance out the sun already working its magic.

L said we should bring her bike and the big dog. We walked to the nearby park and started to pick up the pace. We had a great run… for about twenty yards. I chuckled to myself. I knew better than to expect a two mile run today with those two. Still, we played at the nearby park for a little bit so I could do some circuit sets then we came back home.

I will try and squeeze a couple more runs of about two miles before Saturday’s 5K. If I don’t, well… that will still be okay with me. I am going to try and jog the whole thing without stopping. Why the hell not?

The only person who is going to tell me that I am jogging the thing too slow is myself. And I can easily shut her up with the promise of a blueberry scone afterwards.

Here is a pic of what A made for Father’s Day. The rest of the pics are from M’s “Understanding Figurative Language” booklet. I think he has a future with Stan Lee.







The Pacing Fluctuation

I took my new running partner

for a nonstop run of 3/4 mile. Not too bad considering I haven’t jogged a lick since February!

These two

do not make good running partners. The dog is seventy pounds and whips me from one side of the sidewalk to the other, no matter which side I am on! The girl complains after a quarter of a mile.

I will try for two miles tomorrow. The pace is slow, slow enough for me to catch up to the chihuahua.

I made this for breakfast.

Eggs with turkey kielbasa, zucchini, mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes. Went well with the black bean and corn salad I made yesterday.

Also I made this for lunch.


I found this baked ziti recipe over on The Quick and Dirty Cook and modified it a bit for our kitchen. I used rotini instead of ziti, omitted crushed red pepper for the kids (I added it to my own portion later), and added more veggies like zucchini, mushrooms, and carrots. The ricotta melted into the pasta was so good! I did what the recipe called for in that I used small spoonfuls of ricotta over the layer of pasta. Just enough to make it creamy, but not enough for the kids to say, “I don’t want any cheese on mine!”

The Blah Factor and The Unmarked Package

I’ll bet if I tracked all of my posts in the past year, my blah moods would be consistently at the same time every month. This month, I blame a number of things on this blah-ness:

1. My age: Let’s face it. I am going to be 40 in October. Okay, October 2014 but still. It’s an uncomfortable topic but hormones suck. For three days a month I get really bad, really painful acne around my chin and neckline. No, I do not take and/or post pics of myself those days. What is really odd is that the acne disappears as fast as it appears. Very gross. Very disgusting.

2. Allergies: Allergy season has rendered me useless for the past month or so. I can’t breathe most days and when I do break down and take some meds, it knocks me out. I am useless either way. A friend of mine gave me a natural herb yesterday that starts with a Q (no internet access while I am sitting outside of the kid’s karate studio, I’m afraid). It appeared to work but honestly, you could give me Skittles and said it was Advil. My body is easily duped.

3. Missing my husband: R doesn’t have a trip planned out here any time soon. So sad. Very sad. Which leads me to number 4.

4. Diet and exercise: Any break in routine messes me up. The middle girl A has had a fever since last night. She will have to spend the day with Grandma tomorrow while I sub in the boy’s class. Which means if I don’t set aside time tomorrow to work out, I will be crankier than usual quite cranky.

R is a great cook and honestly when we first started dating, I told him I didn’t know how. Hey, I had to keep his standards low, right? R later told me that my father pulled him aside before our rehearsal dinner and said,

“Are you sure you want to marry her? She doesn’t cook and she can’t clean.”

Seriously. He said that.

Thanks, Dad. (Had to keep his standards low too, I suppose.)

I don’t want to cook. I admit it.

BUT… I also don’t want our kids to drown in preservatives and sugar so I keep their standards low by rarely taking them out to eat and relying on simple meals. Top Ramen, anyone? Preservatives in that, I know, but you can’t beat a 27 cent meal for three and you can also add a couple of eggs or some shrimp for protein.

Today I went to a local grocery outlet where I learned the hard way that I would never JUST TRY frozen food from there without actually being familiar with the brand. Okay, beef and broccoli is already bad when not fresh but ew. That brand was nasty.

I did find frozen mangos and made mango smoothies. It tasted A LOT like mango lassi. I remember trying to make some before with yogurt, fresh mangos, and a bit of sugar. It DID NOT TASTE like the delicious concoctions at our favorite Indian restaurants. Then I tried something else.

I threw the following in an unplugged blender (because once you’ve plugged one in while it was actually switched on, you never ever want to do that again):

* half a cup of plain Greek yogurt
* 2 cups of frozen mangos (look, these are from the Philippines)


* a can of mango nectar. (I got this one from the Mexican food aisle from a different grocery store)


It makes about three cups, pretty big servings for the kids. I wanted to take a picture of it because it was too much for L but the boy downed the rest of it before I could!

Also from the store, I treated myself to some things.

Gel nail polish

Remember I had acrylics on a few months ago? Well, I had to put that expensive habit to rest but the process left my nails brittle so I decided to give these a whirl. I get gel nails when I go to the salon and my nails never chipped. It was this color and a florescent orange but not in a good way. This blue has a little sparkle in it. I like that it is almost gray.

Dry shampoo
I know you are supposed to only shampoo and condition your hair a couple of times a week but I am a mess after I work out. I don’t trust water to get rid of all the greasies so I’m gonna try this. I had a different, MORE EXPENSIVE bottle from Ulta for twenty bucks. This bigger bottle was three dollars.

Silicone baking pan pads

You are lol-ing because you read how I want and need to eat better and move more. I know you are. I am too but please understand that I only bake on special occaisions now such as a picnic or when we have company as opposed to every weekend because it was the weekend, woo hoo!.

We just got home from the karate studio and there is a package in the mail for my husband. It is a rectangular prism like a frame or a book. It even is stamped “MEDIA: SUBJECT TO INSPECTION” all over it. But here’s are a couple of weird things: Not only is his last name spelled wrong (it’s a completely different but similar last name), our address is the return address.

The boy looks at it and asked a bazillion questions. “Who is it from? Is Daddy expecting a package? What if it’s a bomb? Remember we heard all of those things we heard on the news about bombs being sent through the mail?”

I sigh. Still, I don’t want to take any chances. I call my husband who has been asleep for a couple of hours on the east coast. No answer. I called him again to rouse him from his slumber.

Still no answer.

My kid is panicking. “Mommy, you should just throw it away. Just throw it away! It’s a bomb!”

I said, “Okay, alright. I will throw it away.” I set the package on the garbage can outside our house.

Still, I was curious.

So I waited until the kids go in the house and little by little, I start tearing at the package. Tape, tape, and more tape. I saw no mysterious powder so I kept opening…

Countdown to another 5K

I have decided to do it again. Eleven days until I spank my last 5K’s time in the ass.

I jogged the first race without stopping. The last race I recruited a friend and we power-walked together. She was so happy to do the race that she has agreed to do the next one in eleven days. She doesn’t know it yet but we are going to jog the entire thing.

I admit it. It is much easier to dispense advice than it is to follow it.

“No, you cannot have candy until Friday.” “Eat fruit if you’re hungry.” “Go outside and play!”

This one I intend to follow: “Come on! Jog the whole race without stopping!”

In other news, it is no surprise to you that I am on Pinterest all the time, as seen by my “She’s Crafty” posts and pics of such crafty-ness. I have adopted a few mantras from the site you may enjoy:

* “Sweat is fat crying.”

* “No matter how slow you run, you are still lapping everyone on the couch.”

* “You aren’t defeated when you lose. You’re only defeated when you quit.”

And finally my favorite: “The two best exercises to do during the holiday season: Table Push-Aways and Fork Put-Downs.” Whoa, the only two I don’t know how to do.

Let’s do this!

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #20

So over on Wife of a Sailor, Wife posts questions for other bloggers to answer on their own military spouse blogs. (Still with me so far?) And since I just tucked the kids in their beds, I thought this might be fun to fill out because I’m waiting a few more minutes until they’re actually asleep to sneak some Ben & Jerry’s.

1. I WANT…

…to do a 5K next month. I walked two miles on Tuesday and today I… wait for it… jogged 4.6K today without stopping! Don’t be too impressed as I jog very slowly. So slow, in fact, that whenever I bring the big dog with me, he looks at me as if he’s saying, “Are you effing kidding me???”

2. I HAVE…

… to apologize to the kids tomorrow morning. Again. It has not been the best of times in this hizzouse this week. The kids have been taking turns getting sick and Lord knows I can’t sleep when they’re sick. I haven’t been able to work or work out in the past two weeks! Hopefully, running twice this week and working tomorrow will kick everything back into balance. Either that or I will have to find a sitter to watch my kids so I can put myself in time out for a while.

3. I WISH…

…it was Thanksgiving already then that would mean you-know-who would be home.

4. I HOPE…

…our household avoids illnesses this cold/flu season! I’ve had quite enough of hospitals, doctors, antibiotics, stitches, and sleepless nights to last me several seasons.


…if I would be able to cut it in a doctoral program. It’s exciting to think about but intimidating as well. I also wonder if the kids are asleep. Coffee Heath Crunch ice cream, here I come!

Deflated and a couple of disappointments

You know when you first start dating someone sometimes you gain a little weight. Too many restaurants. Too many visits to the bars and clubs. Too many after-hours Taco Bell runs because drinking and dancing really work up an appetite.

And then you see a picture of yourselves on one of your first vacations together and you think, “Who is this girl and why does she look like she slathered cottage cheese on her arms?” Eeeeek!

The weight for the both of us eventually came off. Of course, his came off faster and easier. We vowed not to let ourselves indulge so often.

Then married life kicks in and darn it if everything in Georgia is deep-fried. Everything’s bigger in Texas. Hello? THREE LITER SODA BOTTLES?

Don’t forget having some babies thrown into the mix.

Then the deployments started in Virginia. When R wasn’t deployed, he would go on out-of-state trainings for weeks at a time. Most times he’d come home late Friday night and then leave that Sunday.

There was very little time to do anything. Our kids were very disappointed when Daddy was home for literally thirty-six hours every other month. The only time that was left was for tense conversations about who had it worse and how much this duty station sucked ass.

That and entering WE’RE-ON-VACATION-SO-FUCK-IT mode. You know how when you go on vacation you want to do everything and try all the different food and not pay attention to portion size, fat, and/or calories? Well, that’s what we did.

Let’s hurry up and indulge while we can before Daddy leaves. Let’s hurry up and eat Cold Stone Creamery, Chick-Fil-A, Ruby Tuesday (OMG, their salads!), [fill in every calorific place you can think of]! We don’t have to work out or do anything active because Daddy’s only here for a little while!

So is the story of the yo-yo twenty-something pounds that have plagued me for the last decade or so. Every single time I whittle away at that yo-yo and I think the pounds are gone, a little blue line appears on a plastic stick.

Don’t get excited now. While I’m starting to whittle away once again, I AM NOT PREGNANT.

No. I’m not. Not even a little bit pregnant.

This morning I woke up pretty excited to have made some small changes in exercise and diet. I didn’t weigh myself; I go by how my pants are fitting.

Some of you have been blessed and/or have worked hard NOT to have a belly so you might not know what I’m talking about when you start to lose inches from your midsection. Do you know how when a playground ball starts to deflate, it gets wider at the bottom? Yep, it’s happening to me and it’s a bummer but remembering that analogy makes me feel a little better. I could sort of see that happening but nothing noticeable in my arms or legs.

I was disappointed that I wasn’t seeing more results. I know I must be patient and slower weight loss is optimal but come on, can’t I go down a pants size now? Surely I must have lost weight SOMEWHERE.

And then I put my bra on and the damn thing was too big in the cup size.

A couple of disappointments indeed.