Ellie’s Adventures, Part 5


I’m a little obsessed with a meme making the rounds on the Pinterest humor boards that feature a grumpy cat. Since there are already pics of a misbehaving elf, why not add a cat that swears like a sailor?





The Elf On The Shelf Implementation

The story behind Elf on the Shelf is to trick kids into believing that their elf is a spy for Santa yet the elf gets into mischief herself. What kind of message is this sending to kids?

Excuse me while I LOL on my couch. I bought the kit to give my ten year old son, who knows about how the whole North Pole stuff works, something to look forward to every evening while all three enjoy their long winter break. He’s actually being nice to his sisters!

On purpose!

So M did this.


And I did this.

20121128-025545.jpg Elf gone wild! Oh Ellie the Elf, he’s just not that into you…

Don’t worry, I put Ellie back on the Christmas card holder. Wonder what she’ll do tomorrow…