Craft Vomit & Dolce

My daughter A was so excited to find this outside of our Starbucks. I was excited to be at Starbucks.

My niece picked this out for me for Christmas this year. She's got great taste!

Christmas cards on our wreath

You can find out more about how to make this wreath here.

Old frame from Goodwill for a buck. Picture was taken in Savannah, GA. Shells were found in Virginia Beach, VA by my daughter.

Because you can never have too many dog pictures on your blog.

Craft Vomit: DIY Giant Letter Photo Collage

Just add glossy Modge Podge.

This week that is my motto.

Giant letter from Joanne’s. Copies of family pics on regular printer paper, ran through my copier/printer. Patience.

You should always read comments and suggestions before attempting a craft. I starting cutting up real photos (extras, mind you) in the shape of the letter…

And then I read that one DIY-er made black and white copies of pics because it’s way easier to manipulate the paper onto the letter. Duh.

Then I realized that I can take the same pictures that I cut up and recreate another letter T on canvas! Hmmm… Will do that one tonight.

Hint: Do the front of the letter first and don't be afraid to let larger photos fold over the side. When you go around curves, cut small slits in your paper to avoid wrinkling. Ahhh... perfect!

So many projects, so little time. I have to hurry up and do as many as I can before I run out of gas.

Or Modge Podge.

I found this tutorial here at Transforming Home. Follow me at “Almalynn” on Pinterest and I will follow you back.

Craft Vomit: DIY Clothespin Wreath

There is an adorable green clothespin wreath over here at Craftiness is Not Optional and I wanted to make one right away. I found embroidery hoops for five bucks at Joanne’s… then I found a couple at Goodwill for a buck! I took the money I saved and bought some new items for the giving tree at our church. It’s a win-win situation, really.

I thought about painting the clothespins green but didn’t because that would make sense, painting a wreath green. No, I had to paint it different and because I was a kindergarten teacher the only red paint I have is the obnoxious but pretty shade of bright red. I darkened it a bit with some purple paint.

The ribbon is 60% off at Joanne’s. Life is too short to waste on cheap, ugly ribbon.

Craft Vomit: DIY Shadow Picture Frames

I have no idea how what those picture frames with three sets of glass in the frame are called. They remind me of shadow boxes hence why I dubbed them shadow picture frames.

I found the frame at Goodwill for two bucks. The frame was chipped but nothing that a black Sharpie can’t hide.

I heart glitter Modge Podge.

I heart it so much that after I secured the letters that spell “daddy”, I couldn’t stop brushing the modgey podgeyness over the entire second piece of glass. Bad idea.

When I put the pieces of glass together, I couldn’t even see the kids past the glue! Paper towel and water to the rescue. I ended up erasing the entire lettering in black which was okay because I thought of a cuter way to write the phrases above the kids’ heads.

I heart glitter Modge Podge. If I could glitter Modge Podge the chihuahua, I would.

Craft Vomit: DIY Sweater Vases

What do you get when you add a glittery sweater found at Goodwill for under five dollars, pretty glass vases for a buck each, scissors, and a glue gun?

I heart my glue gun.

I made these sweater vases based on a tutorial I found here at By Stephanie Lynn via Pinterest. Follow me at “Almalynn” on Pinterest and I will follow you back.

Craft Vomit: DIY Goofy Holiday Props

I have a problem with my crafty attention span. I have good intentions.


I see awesome ideas and think that without a doubt that those ideas will change my life. I will see a magical craft project and daydream.

I will spend money that I should not spend at Walmart.

Then Joanne’s. Then Michael’s. And finally at Goodwill.

Returns will ensue. I will find a better deal at Joanne’s. Then Michael’s. And finally at Goodwill.

Then I start crafting. I make a mess. The kids want to help. Against my better judgement, I say, “Okay, you can paint and use the glitter.”

The first one turns out cute so I want to keep it for myself. Then I feel like I should make a dozen more.

And halfway through the second one, I stop. Kaput. Run out of gas. I lose interest.

This sad, sad vicious circle that I revisit every few years since I became a milspouse. Why don’t I ever learn?

Damn you, Pinterest. Damn. You.