Prerequisites to 40 before 40

I am not quite sure where to start when it comes to Bucket Lists. I mean, can you add stuff you’ve already done? No? What if it required a lot of thought or time or money?

Honestly, I am one of those losers that sits down to write To-Do Lists but adds A COUPLE OF THINGS I’VE ALREADY DONE just so I can feel successful.

So here are the prerequisites I’ve already done that led me to the list titled “40 before 40” in mostly chronological order:

40 before 40 prereq’s

1. Graduate from college (1996).
2. Get a tattoo (1997).
3. Be a regular on VIP lists for clubs, art galleries, symphonies,and other cultural events (1997).
4. Tell a dirty joke in public (1997).
5. Dance in a cage at a club (1995-?)
6. Become a classroom teacher (1997).
7. Find a great guy (1998).
8. Commit to great guy (2000).
9. Live in another state (Georgia, 2000).
10. Live in another state by myself (2000).
11. Write Master’s thesis (2001).
12. Have a baby (2001).
13. Join Society of Children’s Writers and Illustrators (2001).
14. Join a writer’s group (2001).
15. See the Impressionists Exhibit at the High Museum in Atlanta (2002).
16. Get graduate degree (2002).
17. Get a poem published in a magazine (2002).
18. Live in another state. Again (Texas, 2003).
19. Go back to the classroom (2003).
20. Teach at a university (San Angelo State, 2003).
21. Go to SCBWI event (2004).
22. Get personal rejections for children’s book manuscripts (2004-?).
23. Have a baby. Again (2005).
24. Live in another state. Again (Virginia, 2005).
25. Go back to the classroom. Again (2005).
26. Have a baby. Again (2007).
27. Raise 1-3 kid(s) on own while husband deploys repeatedly, attends out-of-state trainings, and/or is a geobachelor (2001-?).
28. Buy and live in retirement home (2008).
29. Live in another state (2008).
30. Go back to the classroom. Again (2008).
31. Be a hall walker teacher (2008).
32. Become a substitute teacher (2010).
33. Volunteer in the kids’ classrooms (2009-?).
34. Answer a life-changing phone call, live to tell about it, and thrive (2010).
35. Experience love and friendship, especially in extremely difficult times (ongoing).
36. Start a blog (May 2011).

Oh geez. I need a nap.

2 thoughts on “Prerequisites to 40 before 40

  1. I never got to do number 5 but I did dance behind a shadow wall in a 70’s club that was totally awesome. I count that. I love that that made the cut! 🙂
    And at number 5! Made me laugh. 🙂

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