The Jason Conjecture

Hope you enjoyed your Halloween festivities! Our house goes all out for Halloween because

1. I’m an October baby and why yes, I am 257 years old this year.

2. I have a knack for after-holiday sales. I love cutesy decor and coffee mugs but I don’t like paying full price. 

I dressed up for passing out candy because I don’t want to be recognized! I’m in the business of educating children, not being liked. That said, I’m pretty sure there are kids and teens out there who would love the chance to take out their frustration in the form of toilet papering my house.

Most of the time though I had to take of my mask because I was groaning and hissing– too scary for tiny toddlers trick or treating for the first time this year. Still, I was recognized halfway through the evening: “Aren’t you a teacher at…?” Gah! Busted!

Trick or treating was dead on our street (no pun intended). Most of the neighborhood kids are now in high school and our cul de sac backs up to a busy major street. Halloween was on a Saturday this year so most families probably went to parties in other neighborhoods or towns. 

I spent the evening watching Doctor Who

and Pitch Perfect 2.

That’s not beer! That’s a Coke Zero!

I told my family that I was going to meet them at church this morning but time got the best of me. I thought I was going to be in and out of our neighborhood Target in no time flat but dammit if there weren’t already stay-at-home moms in line at the doors before they even opened! Damn you, SAHMS!

[NOTE: I love stay-at-home moms. I was one for many years and have proven that I can’t hang with you lot time and time again. The use of the term SAHM is not intended to offend but rather for humor only. No one messes with the SAHMs in my neighborhood!] 

Rather than rush in and interrupt mass, I will sit this one out and stay in the moment. 


The Thriller Fluctuation

I started my job teaching PE this week (I teach part time in 3 month-long blocks) and I am sore!

I wish I could say that I’ve been keeping up with exercise since I taught in August but lie detector tests would determine that was a lie.

Monday was my first day and it felt like I was hit like a ton of bricks. I know that is just an expression but after dancing for six hours with no previous weight training or stamina building exercises, it was as if I was dropped repeatedly onto a pile of bricks. 

I can’t complain for too long though because this is a pretty sweet gig. This week, we (and by we, I mean the entire school of nine hundred students) are learning the choreography for Michael Jackson’s Thriller for a school-wide flash mob on Friday! I won’t be able to post videos or pics for privacy but there might be a pic of my own kids I could use. 

My son took a class on video production last year and he helped me put these videos together. Working with him was like nothing I had ever experienced. He is extremely dedicated to his craft, a perfectionist with a one track mind, and very passionate about art direction. I can’t tell if he’s me or my husband! 

You are welcome to share or use these videos to create your own flash mob. Please send me a link if you can. I would greatly appreciate it.

You can click here for a sneak peek of the Thriller Dance Tutorial. 

Then click here for the full Thriller Dance Tutorial.

When I decided to show one class the tutorial, they were so excited! Some wanted to know if it was on YouTube and I had to say no… Because the YouTube channel was my personal channel. Not that my stuff is NSFW but my kids are in some silly videos and I didn’t want other kids to make fun of them. I made other goofy videos from comic conventions I attend and some of the panel discussions  are inappropriate. So I spent all day trying to erase the electronic footprint that I have created without regard that someday I would need to change ALL OF MY PRIVACY SETTINGS.

Mission accomplished. 

The Bon Jovi Amplification

  I woke up too early again. Dang it. The opening guitar riff of “Who Says You Can’t Go Home?” by Bon Jovi will start playing on my alarm any minute now.

Oh well, better three minutes too early than three hours. That’s happened before. It isn’t pretty

My husband R was probably on the ferry by now. This week he’ll have to commute to San Francisco three times because he’s got a midterm to take on campus tomorrow.

On my birthday. 

That day was the only day available for him to take the midterm and I didn’t care. Not in the “I don’t care but really I do” kind of way, but turning 41 is not fanfare-worthy. Sure, every birthday is cake worthy but my birthday falls on a Thursday this year. Not convenient at all. 
The beginning of the week is rough on all of us. The kids have to adjust to getting to bed at a reasonable time after having been allowed to stay up “as late as they want”, meaning I don’t have to tell to go to bed at a certain time. But if I see Zombie Eyes (you know the look, trying to watch tv just because they can), I most certainly tell them to go to bed. 

On Monday I declared a strike on cleaning and organizing. Frustrated at the task of finding a matching lid to a cheap plastic bowl, I almost dropped everything I was doing to reorganize the kitchen.


No, I was not going to do it. The three are old enough to empty the dishwasher so they are old enough to put clean dishes in their proper place. Why haven’t I been enforcing that?

The kids got right to work. They know better than to wait too long when I gave them a chore. If they don’t get started, Mommy gets impatient. Mommy starts to see many, many new chores that need to be done.

Ten minutes after I announced the strike, the Middle marveled at how much space there was in the cupboards and drawers. I wanted to say, “Well, that’s what I have to do every single day!”

But I didn’t. Instead, I said, “That’s what you’re going to do every single day.”

R is taking a physics class and while he is interested in physics, taking a physics class is a different story. Such is the challenge of college! Some applications to do his assignments weren’t loading properly. The Oldest and I are under the constant stress of wanting to help and being able to help versus giving R the independence to figure out his own problems. Interestingly enough, both are extremely verbal when expressing their frustrations. 

Last night the Oldest was having problems with the printer. He is taking four academic classes, including honors science, and while he was so excited and so proud of himself for taking these classes, I’m afraid the luster is gone.

“Mommy! Can you help me with this?”

I have found, as a teacher and as a parent, to take my time doling out the help. It isn’t that I don’t want to help, I do. Most times, when a child gets to that frustrational level, they are so emotional that they are unable to think logically through their problem. When I take my time, it usually allows the child to calm himself down which is far more valuable than me swooping in to make it all better. 

By the time I got upstairs, I asked the Oldest what he needed. Turns out, he cancelled the print job and started a new one. It probably took him three minutes to take a deep breath and realize that he could come up with a solution without me. It worked.

Three minutes and I’m off to work. Thanks, Bon Jovi.

The Thriller Amalgamation

With Halloween and my job starting up again, I’ve decided to go for it.

I’m going to teach my entire school how to dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Well, not the exact choreography because it is very complex. I can’t teach something I don’t understand myself.

I took a handful of the most well-known moves and made a routine. Wanna see the tutorial?

Too bad. I haven’t created one yet. Don’t worry. You’ll be the first to know.

I will leave you with a few pics from the Sinister Creatire Con last weekend. Why yes, that stunning woman is amazing!

And don’t forget Kristin Bauer, of True Blood and Once Upon a Time. She’s pretty awesome too.

Here are some of the cast members of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. See if you recognise them. They were hilarious and I’m not at all offended that they swore in front of my child. It’s an honour, really.


The Slumber Factor

I have been working a lot lately which really cuts into my late-night Netflix addiction. After the kids have been put to bed, my husband R usually follows soon after. He’s taking a couple of art classes and his commute is terrible meaning he has to leave at four in the morning to catch the ferry over an hour away. 

What’s a girl to do? I read sometimes but I’ve found that I’m a binge reader. I’ll find half a dozen books that I love and cannot wait to devour every waking minute and then I won’t read anything for several weeks. Part of me feels like I’m still mourning the completion of a wonderful trilogy that I’ve already read twice and am presently fighting the urge to read the series again. Another part of me feels like I need to turn off most of my brain to truly relax at night.

What better way to relax than with mind-numbing TV?

I really should refrain from calling it mind-numbing even though that is its purpose for me at eleven o’clock at night. After all, I’ve found friends in Pretty Little Liars, rediscovered the crew of Serenity, and at present am feeling awkward while watching Awkward

R said yesterday that he thinks I’m lucky for not needing as much sleep but I beg to differ.

Most of these sleepless nights are not intentional. I can’t win the battle with sleep any more than I can win the battle of saying no to chocolate in the house.

Trust me, resistance IS futile. 

And lately I noticed that there are many more ways of describing how I feel in the evening when it’s time to go to bed and my mind refuses to shut down. I feel itchy, restless, annoyed. I feel like I could run ten miles RIGHT NOW but I also feel like I could think of ten reasons why I shouldn’t while being wrapped in a blanket burrito. I feel like I have an opinion on everything and everyone should stop what they are doing to listen to me right now. At the same time, I feel like I don’t care what my opinions are.

If I don’t care, what good are these opinions?

And so begins this round of my battle with depression. There are no winners here. Only hours of lost shut eye. 


The Wizard World Comic Con Recalibration

We went to our second Wizard World Comic Convention in Sacramento in June. You could say we saw a bunch of celebrities…

You could say we even met a few of them…

It was pretty amazing to listen to panels featuring Alfonso Ribeiro, Manu Bennett (Death Stroke from CW’s Arrow), Katie Cassidy (Black Canary from CW’s Arrow), and Billie Piper (from Penny Dreadful on Showtime and ROSE FROM DOCTOR WHO). It was more amazing to take a picture with Henry Winkler and Billie Piper! I even got to meet and take a picture with Vlade Divak! 

Now we save up to attend these conventions. It’s a lot of people watching and meeting people who share your passion. It’s a lot of money too if you’re not careful. Wizard World Comic Convention is one of the biggest conventions here so there are bigger names and hence, more money to pay in terms of admission, photo ops, and autograph sessions. It is possible to find the smaller cons where all or most actors give free autographs and/or pose for pictures without charge. This was not one of them.

Katie Cassidy on the Magic Behind Her Character
Billie Piper on why David is HER Doctor
Manu Bennett on Spartacus
Do you go to comic conventions? If so, which do you recommend? Do you have any tips on attending these conventions?

The Attack on Titan Effect

I’m that mom at comic conventions who hasn’t a clue… and I love it!

I love that my kids have a passion for something and they feel secure enough to not only create homemade cosplay but to wear it proudly. You may have seen some of these pics before so I apologize for not remembering what I’ve posted and for being too lazy to check. Enjoy!

image image image image