My 40-before-40 List

I turned forty in October 2014. It was a good year. Did I finish my 40-before-40 list?

Nope. Not even close.

The pursuit of this list was amazing and I am glad I could do many of these with friends and family. Besides, the fun did not end when I turned forty. 

The fun begins now…

Look out FIFTY! I’m coming for you…

 I’ve been seeing this a lot on other blogs and have been inspired to create my own list of 40 things to do before I turn 40. I’m a little scared though because I turn 40 in October!

Okay, not this October but in four years! October 2014!

Am I going to make it? Are you going to help me? Is there anything on this list you want to do together? Eeek! The pressure is getting to me. Make your own list and let’s get crackin’!

40 before 40


1. 20 year high school reunion Event cancelled due to low interest in spending money and high interest in using Facebook. Still it’s pretty awesome to see what paths others have taken, to see people I haven’t seen since high school, and to connect with people I didn’t really know.

2. alumni event from college Gah! That was a total disaster but checked off my list. 

3. Oakland A’s game

4. SF Giants game

20130415-081503.jpg April 10, 2013 Giants vs. Rockies

5. Writing class/workshop

6. SCBWI conference in Los Angeles

7. Writing group or start one if writer group unavailable

8. Book club or start one if book club unavailable


9. Disneyland

10. Hawaii

11. Napa R and I went to Napa for our first honeymoon on our fifteenth wedding anniversary in September 2015
12. San Diego

13. Yosemite


14. Kayak

15. Make chocolate croissants

16. Make deep dish pizza, Chicago style (the kind with butter crust that husband had)

17. Make sushi

18. Scuba dive

19. Snorkel

20. Surf


21. Van Gogh exhibit at DeYoung Museum in San Francisco

22. Impressionist paintings

23. Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey

24. Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco

25. Museum of Modern Art

26. Our kids compete in gymnastics competition… Aaargh! Need to change this!
Our son get promoted in karate; he will be a black belt in December 2015
27. Snow


28. Carry a newborn other than my own

29. Dye hair

30. Get hair/feather extensions

31. Get another tattoo

32. Get pierced

33. Renew our wedding vows, in church

34. Renew our wedding vows, on beach

35. Renew our wedding vows, with Elvis impersonator

36. Renew our wedding vows, in Vegas drive-thru

37. Thank medical staff, former hospital residents and their families, and husband’s coworkers in person for support (ongoing)

38. Volunteer with kids’ school (ongoing)

39. Volunteer with church (ongoing)

40. Volunteer with USO or other military organization The older two and I volunteered on Flag Day 2015 at the SF Giants game. 

3 thoughts on “My 40-before-40 List

  1. About the time your husband was getting injured mine had made it through the Med board and been released medically to finally return home to us. It is funny what you say about adding things to a list that you already did as I was telling my husband that i do that the other day when making a list to make us feel better about the things we did already.

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