The Calistoga Mud Bath Matrix

So this happened last month…

On our second getaway without the kids, R and I drove out to Calistoga for our sixteenth anniversary. We are in a mud bath.

Trust me, we had no idea what to expect. We did a weekend getaway last year on our anniversary to Napa. It was our FIRST HONEYMOON and first night away from the kids. Now mind you, they’ve left us to go to sleepovers but we have never left them.

Until now.

They’re finally old enough that we can leave without worrying too much about both the babysitter (my mom) and them. My coworker asked me about how I could leave my kids, understandable since her son and daughter are three years old and three months, respectively. For us, it only took fifteen years.

I can appreciate living near family so we are able to do that. Even when the kids were little, we were stationed in the south, states away from our families with very few people we trusted. True, I made a lot of friends when I was working and can still keep up with them thanks to social media. But I never wanted to burden anyone.

For anything.


In hindsight I realize that I could have reached out more, done more with my new friends but I didn’t want to call more attention to myself. I was already different because I was new to the area and hey, my husband was always gone. I just wanted to fit in as soon as possible. 

We took a long route and drive around Lake Berryessa. What a gorgeous drive! It’s hard to believe that this beautiful scenery of winding roads, huge lake, and mountainous terrain is just an hour from the Bay Area.

We only stayed one night, enough time to check out the small town and the above mud bath and couple’s massages. I was a little wary about paying more for massages but I figured why not? I was afraid R would want to talk to me while I was enjoying my massage or worse, listen to me snore, but neither happened and we loved our experience. The room and treatments were pricey and definitely a special event only.

Also special were these chocolates from Kollar Chocolates in Napa. We ended up buying a small sampler for the kids. Once they realized how expensive the candy was, they savorex every bite.  

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