The Heroes and Villains Vector

As you know, my family and I love going to anime and comic conventions. The kids love making their own costumes from scratch, cutting their own fabric and old clothes (sometimes without permission!), and saving up for materials they need. They’ve come a long way from making simple paper masks with yarn and markers!

However, this past August I went to one AS A VOLUNTEER at the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in San Jose, CA. Me and two of my friends pitched in to stay at a nearby hotel.

Now I can’t show you all of the pictures as I may have been inebriated but I can show you highlights.

Stephen Amell and Colin Donnell from Arrow

John Barrowman, who I adore on Doctor Who, and Rob Prior, hugely talented artist who does many conventions. 

If you don’t know who those two are, start by Google-ing Agents if SHIELD. Chloe Bennet is just as beautiful in person as she is onscreen and even though her sign  at her booth said no selfies, she still took a few with fans. I actually got to volunteer for Clark Gregg and as amazing as it was to be able to talk to him, it was his fans that made the most impression on me. I could feel the positive energy emanating from his fans as they laid their eyes on the one and only Coulson! The looks on their faces after each of them got to shake his hand and talk to him was so worth it… because I felt that way all day controlling the fan girl in me! 

It goes without saying that all of these actors I met over the weekend were kind and gracious. Even though I couldn’t afford a photo op and autograph with every actor (those add up if you’re not careful), all were friendly and still answered questions when they weren’t busy. I would definitely volunteer again! 

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