10 Things I Don’t Miss About the Military

1. Missing my husband’s phone call when he’s deployed

2. Driving away after dropping him off at the airport

3. Picking up the pieces of my kids’ broken hearts after he leave

4. When my daughter asks if Daddy is on the phone or if he’s on a plane right now to come home but he isn’t

5. Seeing my son’s face at Father-Son events

6. Listening to this voicemail message from my husband over and over: “This is ___. I’m alive. I love you and I’ll talk to you soon.”

7. Wondering when the next non-military stage of our lives will begin and wondering if I’ll be too old to care

8. Moving to another state, saying good-bye to a house that was just starting to feel like home, and saying goodbye to friends to became family even knowing that you weren’t going to be around before too long

9. Explaining my life story in PCS’s, deployments, and children’s birth states

10. Sighing with relief that another day has passed without someone in uniform knocking at your door with news I never want to hear

One thought on “10 Things I Don’t Miss About the Military

  1. This pulls at my heart. My husband recently decided to reenlist, and then make a career out of the Navy. I’m ready for whatever comes, but at the same time I feel like that’s a silly thing to say when I know I’m not.

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