The Wizard World Comic Con Recalibration

We went to our second Wizard World Comic Convention in Sacramento in June. You could say we saw a bunch of celebrities…

You could say we even met a few of them…

It was pretty amazing to listen to panels featuring Alfonso Ribeiro, Manu Bennett (Death Stroke from CW’s Arrow), Katie Cassidy (Black Canary from CW’s Arrow), and Billie Piper (from Penny Dreadful on Showtime and ROSE FROM DOCTOR WHO). It was more amazing to take a picture with Henry Winkler and Billie Piper! I even got to meet and take a picture with Vlade Divak! 

Now we save up to attend these conventions. It’s a lot of people watching and meeting people who share your passion. It’s a lot of money too if you’re not careful. Wizard World Comic Convention is one of the biggest conventions here so there are bigger names and hence, more money to pay in terms of admission, photo ops, and autograph sessions. It is possible to find the smaller cons where all or most actors give free autographs and/or pose for pictures without charge. This was not one of them.

Katie Cassidy on the Magic Behind Her Character
Billie Piper on why David is HER Doctor
Manu Bennett on Spartacus
Do you go to comic conventions? If so, which do you recommend? Do you have any tips on attending these conventions?

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