The Winter Is Coming Certainty

I’ve only seen snow a handful of times whereas my husband R grew up in it. Our oldest has been lucky to see snow in every state we have been stationed though I’m not sure Georgia counted since he was only two weeks old at the time. The girls have only seen snow on a road trip to Disneyland of all places. When a great price for a hotel in Lake Tahoe came up on Groupon (awesome discount site, not getting paid to promote), we could not resist.

Needless to say, the kids were ecstatic.

We worried about the cost but not too much. After all, we save for this very purpose. We decided to do our Disneyland approach– bringing snacks and drinks, buying most of our meals at a grocery store or local restaurant, and limiting our site eating to just one meal. There would be no skiing as I bought some sleds on clearance the year before so we packed those. I figured we could enjoy just being in the snow. We packed layers and weather-proofed shoes, socks, sweaters, and coats. We were ready.image image image

Or so we thought.

We got cold and wet and wet and cold. We had to go to the room to warm up a few times a day. Still, we had a wonderful time.

For all of the George R. R. Martin fans, winter is coming. Guess who’s getting the new GOT map book for his birthday on Easter Sunday… (tried to upload a pic but failing tremendously)

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