The Gratitude Effect

It’s been quite a year for us.

The oldest started junior high. R has had two major surgeries with so many doctor’s appointments in between; he also started college! I went back to teaching part-time. We’ve had the wonderful opportunity to go to several professional sports games for free! I finished my third half marathon (barely).

As overwhelming as all of that and more may be, I wouldn’t change a thing. (Maybe I would update my blog more though.)

Northern California is being hit with the biggest storm in years. While our area has not been affected too much, other areas are faced with flooding and rising river levels that haven’t been that high in a while. There are some people who are complaining about how the supplies they purchased will go to waste but I beg to differ. Keep it just in case! You never know what could happen.

How very fortunate we are to be able to anticipate a natural disaster and yet there will always be people to complain.

Earlier this week I heard a weird noise coming from my car on my way home from work. I pulled off the freeway to discover that I blew out my tire!

And while the situation sucked big time, I counted my blessings. How thankful I was that I was able to get off the freeway in time. How thankful I was that I have a working cell phone with internet so I could look up a local tow truck who fixed my tire within the hour. How thankful I was that I could pay for a tire change.

How thankful I was because some people don’t have any of that.

How thankful I was because it could have ended much worse.

In fact, there was an auto collision about 200 hundred yards that must have just occured. An ambulance arrived soon after I parked.

R had surgery about a month ago to fix a complex hernia. Unfortunately there were a couple of times we had to rush to the ER for infection. R announced he is tired of going to the damn hospital and I don’t blame him. He has been in and out of hospitals all over the country.

Of course me being the optimist I was thankful (in my head because I didn’t want to minimize R’s experiences) that his treatment is covered! I can’t imagine having to pay each time he’s needed to see a doctor! But that’s how most people live.

And for that I am thankful for everything that has happened.

Because Lord knows that it could have ended much worse.

Happy holidays from NWC!



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