The Happy Halloween Helix

We mixed it up for Halloween this year. We couldn’t have our annual Halloween bash because R would not be up to it. He said he would have been okay with it but I had to make the call– absolutely not! He probably would have stressed himself out with cleaning and getting the place ready for guests that he would have popped his hernia out again!

This year we opted to go to a friend’s house for trick or treating. They recently moved from half a mile from us… To a rural town thirty minutes away! We miss our friends but we love visiting them as their community is very close-knit and scenic.

Our seventh grade boys were let lose into the neighborhood and came back with pounds of candy while I enjoyed a glass of wine and R did shots with our friends… And their friends!




Later R and our friend M hopped on their golf cart with the boys and drove even deeper into the neighborhood.

Look at these houses:





It was nice to do something different this year but mostly just to be with friends! Who knows if we will do the same but as long as we are with friends, it’ll be a blast!

Please note: If you’re worried about us drinking and driving, we were in good hands. We hung out with cops all evening!

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