Prequel to The Giants Excitation

Previously I posted pics from our last San Francisco Giants game and alluded to the fact that R has difficulty attending sports events due to his PTSD. I forgot to post pics of his first attempt!




It is a scenic two and a half hour drive to San Francisco. What trip to the city is complete without going to Fisherman’s Wharf?


We splurged at a restaurant on the wharf.




Then we went to the game! We had great seats from Operation Care and Comfort.

It was not until we were seated that I could truly see how uncomfortable R was by being there. The hordes of people trying to get into the game, the rush to get to our assigned section, his chronic nerve pain, and just being around hundreds of people all contributed to his anxiety. He declared then and there that he cannot attend a major league sports game ever again. However, upon reflection later that week, he understands that he needs to try periodically. How often can only be determined by R alone. Only time will tell.





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