Deck the Halls

Fall flew by so fast that we forgot to carve pumpkins and decorate for Thanksgiving!

Since I’ve gone back to working as a regular substitute teacher, I have a lot more time. I know, it has only been a week but I really feel the difference!

See? I’ve even decorated for Christmas!


I would have done a tutorial on the wreath hanging over the fauxplace (fake fireplace) but I don’t even know what I was doing!


Here are five Advent calendars I’ve collected over the years. We have the chocolate ones stored in the pantry to keep away from the dogs. Quick note: most holiday decor you see in my home was bought the day AFTER said holiday.


I cut the letters out of cardboard from a box that I was going to throw into the recycling bin. The tinsel is from the Dollar Tree. I used staples to secure the tinsel to the cardboard and binder clips to hang from the blinds.




We have two Advent candle wreaths. Both are put on cake stands for height. One is from the Catholic Store in Sacramento and the other is handmade by M during a CFF class a few years ago. The wreath was probably about two or three dollars after Christmas. The battery operated candles around the wreath were originally $4 for two but during an after-Christmas sale, I’m pretty sure I bought all eight candles for two bucks.


I was pleasantly surprised at how this Christmas tree and snow globe display turned out. The mini faux trees were less than a buck after Christmas and each kid decorates his/her own with ornaments. The snow globes were all on sale, again after Christmas. A made one in her preschool and the tiny one was free from a store promotion. The tinsel trees, two large and three small, were made with Dollar Tree tinsel and cereal boxes. Yep, take cereal boxes (or poster board), shape into a cone shape, and staple a lot of tinsel on it. You can’t see them very well but one tree was made with gold cord. The most awesome thing about the trees was that they stored well. The cones fit into each other and I forgot how many I made so I marveled at how many trees kept coming out of that storage bin!

And finally… Our Christmas tree. Let me tell you something. I used to be nit-picky when it came to ornament placement, preferring a random scattering and evenness throughout the tree.

Used to be.

R set up the tree. The kids decorated all by themselves. I only touched the tree to put my favorite Harry Potter ornaments up high (no paws allowed). Are there too many ornaments on one side? Is the ribbon crooked?

I don’t know. I haven’t noticed and that’s a wonderful feeling.


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