The Thanksgiving Malfunction

I am rarely on Filipino time, aka late. I like to go to my destination early, get good parking, and leave early whenever possible. This is particularly important when I have to keep R’s anxiety in mind.

This Thanksgiving we drove to my aunt’s house and arrived an hour before everyone. R was able to stake out a good spot to rest, aka nap. My family and friends know that when we need to go WE NEED TO GO.

This year was no exception. Delicious food, a missing turkey that I was allegedly supposed to bring, and lots of little cousins for the kids to play with.

It was a great day.










With the exception of my two older cousins, all of the little ones that aren’t my kids are my second cousins. Their grandmother or grandfather was my father’s sibling. Isn’t it amazing how different they look?

When they all get together, it is as if no time has passed. Cousins indeed.

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