The Fifth Grade Finality

Next week is my last week subbing for a fifth grade class. I have been with this amazing bunch of kids for the past seven weeks and although they have sent me home with a migraine numerous times, I’m a little surprised that I am not emotional over this as I have seen incredible growth academically and maturity, in some WAY more than others. But I accepted this position knowing that it was not permanent.

It will be time to move on.

I look forward to this group finally getting to MEET their teacher who had been out on maternity leave the entire first third of the school year. It will be good for all of them to finally get some sort of routine going.

Make no mistake, I am not shy about taking credit, not for their accomplishments, but helping them get to where they are now. Some of these include (but are not limited to):

* Almost 100% of students doing their homework every evening
* 100% of students taking responsibility for NOT DOING THEIR HOMEWORK which includes missing their recess AND writing this on their weekly report that goes home to their families
* 100% of students taking responsibility for BREAKING THE RULES, in particular being rude or disrespectful to anyone in the class, including myself, by missing their recess and TALKING ABOUT THEIR MISTAKES and APOLOGIZING
* 100% of students writing on THE CORRECT SIDE OF BINDER PAPER (notebook paper to all of my east coast pals) with a correct heading and without tearing it out of their binder, holes intact
* Almost 100% improvement of student achievement between math pretests and chapter tests. Some kids went from a C to an A! One even went from an F to an A! (I will be meeting with the vice principal about the student who did not improve. We may need to modify her work and possibly do additional testing.)
* 100% of students excited about the huge change in teachers coming up in a week. Sadly, I did not get the fab intro I am giving their regular teacher but hey, that’s why I get paid the big bucks (that was sarcasm BTW).

This job assignment brings up great questions: Do I want to look for a regular teaching job? Do I want to keep subbing? Do I want to keep working as a long term substitute teacher?

I am unsure how to answer these questions though my acceptance of two long term sub jobs after Christmas break has answered the last one. One position is for a week in a first/second grade combination class. The other is for yet another teacher on maternity leave but that position is for the end of the school year and the students have always had that teacher. I can say with certainty that that position will be far easier than this one. I will have plans all ready!

This week one of the students said, “I am going to miss you, Miss G.”

My heart stopped beating a little. A sweet sentiment from a good kid. Others in the class nodded in agreement.

“Aw, that is very sweet,” I said. “But you are going to have so much fun with your teacher!” I lowered my voice, “I’m gonna miss all of you too… FROM {insert top secret destination to be revealed in a future post}! WOO HOO!”

To which they replied with groans.

See? It wouldn’t be a day with this sub without her being goofy.

Here are pics from a science experiment to show how celery transports water. Also some props for the scarecrow contest.




What? Hey kid, you’ve never seen a teacher walk around with two scarecrows and a guitar before? No? Me neither…

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