The Pity Party Postulate

I realize that I make a lot of jokes about my weight, about my fitness goals, etc. Mostly I am being sarcastic and there is no sarcastic font.

Or is there?

I am on Facebook and while I was previously a huge FB addict, I use it mostly to share pictures with friends and family as well as the occasional goofy observation about life.

In keeping with the spirit of my recent half marathon, I wanted to share one of my posts from Facebook:

That non-awkward moment walking next to two teachers (both prime number dress sizes in single digits; that means their dress sizes were 1, 2, 3, 5 or 7) who were both talking about how “big” each were while I’m holding a venti mocha and eating a chocolate donut. I’m thinking, “Pffft. I just did a half-marathon, am able to do REAL push-ups, and can dance all night in platforms. Y’all need to CHILL.”

I added later:

“I don’t hate the skinnies! I detest self-loathing, pity parties, and poor body image! Strive for strength and always be ready to par-tay in heels!”

I know everyone is fighting their own battle. It does sting though when woman complaining about her size 2 jeans, a woman who is a fraction of the size of yourself, and yet my own complaint might sting someone else who is in the same boat.

Maybe we should have ground rules.

Nah, ground rules would get too complicated. How about we all just have a glass of moscato instead?





Um, why yes, those are screen shots of my Pinterest account.

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