How Not to Train for a Half Marathon


• Don’t start training a month before the race. Consult your doctor who for sure will think you’re nuts for waiting until the last minute.

• Don’t get sick three weeks before your race, especially if you’re a late start. You’ll need as many days as you possibly can to train.

• Don’t be arrogant. If you need a few days to recover from the flu, by all means take them.

• Do relish in the fact that your thighs are no longer BFFs. Now that you’ve incorporated physical activity into your daily life after a long hot summer hiatus, your thighs are now moving when you walk instead of the awkward stuck-together-never-moving feeling. Even if you’ve got thunder thighs, remember that thunder is POWERFUL.


• Do accept compliments about your body from your significant other. If he says you look even better than when you were dating, don’t argue. This is one of the few times he’ll be right. Let him enjoy it.


• Don’t doubt yourself even for a moment. If your goal was to run the entire thing a year ago but your goal now is to finish, don’t be so hard on yourself. That’s who you’re doing it for so DON’T YOU FORGET THAT!


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