The Red Panda Rotation


Guess where we went last weekend? We went to the zoo!

Before we went in however, we paid a visit to the duck pond with some stale bread from home. We were having a great time… Until we the ducks and geese chased us out of the park! I’m surprised I haven’t had nightmares!


We have been going to the Sacramento Zoo for six years and every time we follow the same order. We hang a right after the entrance and do a counter clockwise circle to see the entire zoo.

I think not having the rest of the family threw us off so when A asked to see the pelicans, I decided to just go with the flow and have the girls take turns requesting the next animal to visit. I had them practice reading the map to try to figure out where we were going.

First stop were the wild cats.



Then we hung out with the river otters for a bit.


A wanted to see the giraffes and zebras.


L wanted to see the red pandas. After that we were able to pet some animals!



We wanted to see Australia but Mother Nature had something else in store for us!



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