The Coughing Conundrum

The boy and I have been ill since Sunday. Probably the flu. Definitely fever. Definitely painful coughing.

I cancelled my sub job for Tuesday. Come to find out it was the WRONG TUESDAY and I was a NO SHOW for this morning!

Gets better. The kids missed their eye appointments this afternoon! All three of them! I forgot to cancel the appointment!

I think I’m delirious. R came home from work in the early afternoon and I had slept all morning! A whole morning wasted!

Now any sane person would think, Um, you’re sick. Of course you need your rest.

Alas, I am not sane. When R went to pick up the girls from school, he came home to find a freshly scrubbed kitchen floor and de-grimed tile countertops. Also, I was scrubbing the oven like there was no tomorrow.

The kitchen was getting disgusting and I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

After a delicious dinner of homemade sloppy joes, I changed into work out gear and said, “I need to walk. I’m gonna do six miles.”

“Are you serious?” R asked.

“Yes! The half marathon is in a week and a half!”

The first mile I thought I was a bad ass! I was walking for the first time in over a week. Last week I had a week long sub job in a kindergarten class that left me exhausted every day. I intended to walk a few times after school each day but I couldn’t. I couldn’t muster up any energy at the end of the day.

The second mile I was cursing myself for being so ambitious.

In the end I did six miles in under two hours. You’d think I’d be exhausted after having been ill for a few days and with little physical activity for the past week but I feel great.

Ask me how I feel in an hour.

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