Jelly Belly Madness

The nearest active military base is over an hour away. All we had to do was drop off paperwork so we made it into a day trip to the Jelly Belly Factory!

The kids and I have been here but not while the the factory was up and running. Last time we came, we came on a Saturday and although the store is open, Jelly Bellys aren’t made on the weekends.

Even at 10 am on a weekday there was a long line and R cannot stand on his feet for very long without wincing in pain. Luckily the line went quickly with tours every 15 minutes accommodating almost sixty people in each group.

We got free samples, some delicious and some… Well, I’ll let you read the names of the flavors.









For the record I would like to state that I did not force my son to eat a booger flavored Jelly Belly. Needless to say, he spit it out right after this picture was taken!


In the factory




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