Lonely But Not Alone

Dear Husband,

You’ve been home less than a week and yet you still encourage me to travel out of state for a conference on my relatively new business venture.



How did you do it all of these years? I mean, when you dropped me off at the airport, I was excited to be able to, for the first time, pursue a goal as the past twelve years of goal-pursuing for myself had been put on hold. I was elated to travel be myself for the first time in twelve years. I love my children and I love my husband; the past twelve years is evidence of that.

But how did you get on that plane all of those times to turn around and see what you’re leaving behind, to stand in line at security or waiting patiently while other parents lovingly held their children’s hands, to go back to an empty hotel room, or in your case, an empty apartment?




I’m in Indianapolis where I sit in this nice hotel, writing this post, having a wonderful time, yet loving you more and more every day because damn, I cannot even imagine how much pain, both physical and emotional, you’ve been through since the moment we decided to live apart.

I won’t be home for a couple days but it warms my heart to see you and the kids through FaceTime. Whenever I see how happy the kids are, especially since you’ve come home, I know that we’ve made the right decisions. It would have been very difficult for the kids to be uprooted right now with them going into sixth, third, and first grade!

Thank you, my darling husband, for everything. I will never know everything you’ve been through; thank you for taking one for the team.


Cocktail in Dallas


Pit stop at the Indy USO


And a mocha, of course!











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