The Patrick Willis Football Camp Capacitance

Never mind that the kids and I don’t watch football, let alone the best team in the country! Never mind that M just asked me this year to throw a football around with him a few times a week. [Um, even if my husband R was home, I’d still have to teach the boy. What can I say? R never played sports; my dad taught me to throw a spiral.]

We [I] got pretty competitive for a whole when all three were training with preteam gymnastics. When the studio shut down unexpectedly, it was bittersweet to let go of my daydreams of being a gymnastics mom yet I realized that it was a blessing in disguise. We were on a budget and three competing gymnasts would have definitely put us in debt.

The wonderful folks at Operation Care and Comfort accepted applications for a free football camp with Patrick Willis of the San Francisco 49ers and the older two qualified! The youngest L hung out with me thus morning while we watched several hundred kids play with high school and college football coaches from the region.

To save on one night’s hotel, we woke up at the crack of dawn to leave Sacramento at 5:30 am. We reached Palo Alto with an hour to spare but guess what?

The football camp was located at the high school right behind VA Palo Alto! That’s right! The exact same hospital where R stayed after his car accident three years ago. That’s the hospital in the background.


There were plenty of freebies but mostly there were so many excited kids! Last night before the kids went to bed, we had a bit of a chat. I reassured the kids that they might love football but they might not. Both are completely fine. I stressed that the most important thing is that they have fun!

Before the camp:


Girl power! There were a handful of girls and A was one of them. She dressed herself, which meant a jean skort paired with a bright Harajuku shirt and hot pink socks. I don’t expect any less from her.


L and I had fun waiting for them too finish, so much fun that I didn’t even realize that I got a sunburn!


M had a good time but was bummed that while he did well with drills, no one passed the ball to him. He thought he was the worst on his team. I explained pretty frankly that he wasn’t and even pointed out that he was “open” several times and the coach even told his quarterback. Without getting into too much detail about how the world of competitive sports works, I said, “There will only be two or three who will always get the ball and that’s okay. If you want the ball, you yell out QUARTERBACK and LOOK CRAZY!”

We’ll see if the advice works tomorrow, day 2.



After camp, we went to grab a late lunch at California Pizza Kitchen and dessert from Kara’s Cupcakes. So delicious! Needless to say, we were so stuffed that after an afternoon swim at our hotel, we ate some fruit and are now settling in with Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Good night!


Day 2. It didn’t work. I think that’s alright with him though.

L and I found Sprinkles Cupcakes over at the Stanford mall. I think that made him feel better.







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