The Reptilian Reciprocal

Since we’re saving up for a big Disneyland trip next year, we decided to keep our plans simple while R was home and while the kids are off track. We tell ourselves that we don’t need to spend a lot if money to have a great time. We just need to spend time together, even if it means playing video games with the kids or taking the whole family to the gym pool. We have plenty of time to save up for vacations but I don’t have time to pay off credit cards! No thanks!

We packed some fruit and went to the Sacramento Zoo. My husband R have me a weird look when I packed sliced watermelon, oranges, and bananas in an old reusable green commissary bag. “Snacks,” I said. “I am not buying food there. I’m not buying water or drinks. If we get hungry, we come home for lunch.”

I’m pretty sure he sighed.

It was a beautiful day.



You’ll notice the boy is scowling in the pictures. Apparently he doesn’t want to be in pictures anymore.

To which I said, “Too bad. Smile or we’ll be here all day.”

First stop was checking out what the zoo docents had in their coolers right outside of the herpetarium.







M loved that snake!


The girls with flamingos. I don’t quite understand how they get their pink color. R said it was because of their diet and genes and other reasons that I can’t remember now.


With a very gentle alligator.








Yay for giraffes!



Before we went to the zoo, I asked R if he needed a cane or his old wheelchair. He declined, stating that he’d be okay.

But he wasn’t.

By the end of the afternoon he was much slower. His slight limp became more obvious. I don’t know why he does this.

I do know why actually.

He’s stubborn. He doesn’t want anyone to feel sorry for him. He doesn’t want to use the tools which could make his life a lot less miserable.

He’s been here for a few days and he’s different. He’s jumpier, sensitive to the dogs’ barking, the kids’ bickering. I find myself warning him when I’m going to turn on the vacuum or the blender. I find myself reminding the kids of our discussion about Daddy before his visit. No loud noises right next to Daddy, especially in the car.

But that doesn’t last for very long.

I hope and pray for a smooth transition for when R is home for good but mostly I hope and pray that he is home for good.

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