Dear Boston


Dear Boston,

I’ve never seen you in person but I know you’re beautiful.

The day after the horrible tragedy I went to the gym. The first time in weeks. The following day I went again.

All this week I’ve been wearing the shirts I’ve gotten from races that I walked or run. No, shirts I have earned.

Last year I set my sights on running my first half marathon, a goal I quickly deemed a mere dream.

Life got in the way. Excuses piled higher than the laundry (albeit clean) in my room. The dream became a fantasy.

But I can’t do that, Boston.

I won’t.

You with your courageous survivors, with your brave residents who ran toward danger. You with three casualties. Three who were there to enjoy the race in your fine city.

You who will not cease this glorious tradition of the Boston Marathon.

Thank you, Boston. Thank you for reminding me that I am a runner. I run for you.


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