The Candy Crush Continuum

I can’t sleep again.

After a week of not subbing, I will have subbed four days. I also paid bills, a chore in itself. Don’t even get me started.

I’m exhausted. Yet sleep is out of my reach.

I blame this new app on my phone. I have a love/hate relationship with Candy Crush.


Dear Friends on Facebook, stop feeding this addiction! If I send you a request for help on that stupid game, tell me to get a life!

I also wonder when exactly my husband will come home for good. Many of you are married to the military. You’d think you get straight answers the longer you’ve been in.

Nope. No such luck.

The middle child turns 8 tomorrow! It was just yesterday we were stationed at Goodfellow AFB. I was subbing part-time, the boy was only 3, and R was always home.

Good times.





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