The Home From School Hypothesis

I dropped off the kids at school five minutes ago and already I am bored.

I’m sure getting sick was inevitable. As a mom, I know what it is like to be in denial of being sick, thinking that all I need is a bit of orange juice and/or a cookie and I’ll be better in no time.

Guilt is rampant in my life though I do try to be aware of this and move on. Nevertheless I sadly gave up an easy sub job today in favor of not spewing phlegm on high schoolers.

Since making the decision to go back to work, I rarely find myself just sitting on the couch. Oh, I’m not being pious. I just get easily distracted and have a bazillion things to do because:
• I’m too lazy to get stuff done when they should have been done
• I was too distracted to do stuff correctly the first time
• I have 3 kids
• I have 2 dogs and 2 cats
• I have 2 jobs
• my husband lives in another state. I am sometimes envious of spouses who can create a Honey-Do list as in “Honey, would you do this for me?” I have a “Well-hell-he’s-deployed-again-I’d-better-effing-do-it-myself!” list.

(Ooh, that last bullet point was a doozy. Sorry about that.)

I knit. I read. I make a list of the hundreds of things I have to do the moment my butt leaves the couch. Chores abound, phone calls with clients or fellow school & church volunteers must be made. (Doh, did I forget to follow up with a client yesterday?)

But sitting on the couch and watching TV?

As I cough and blow my nose for the tenth time this morning, I think I’ll give it a whirl.

Here are pics of a couple of housemates keeping me company. Yeah, they’re a couple of party animals.



Last week I taught an art class. How amazing for kids to get a grade for immersing themselves in creativity and design for ninety minutes a day.




I have a friend who sells thirty one, a direct sales company that carries cute bags and organization tools. I hosted my own party, took advantage of their Hostess benefits, and got cute stuff!



Ugh. Headache. Must. Turn. Off. Tv.

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