The Princesses on Ice Principle

I found tickets to Disney Princesses on Ice for only ten bucks each for a total of fifteen once the charges were applied. Not too bad for a big event.

A family friend and I switched kids for the day. She got my eleven year old son; our sons are in the same class. I got her princess who is in my seven year old’s class.

I put my foot down and set the rules right away.

Yes, you need rules going into an event like this.

On that day:
• I did not purchase any food or drinks. I did not buy soda for $5 or nachos for $10. I did not purchase a sno-cone in a collectible cup for $15. I did not buy a small tub with a cheap tiara for $10 no matter how much the adorable princesses begged.
• I did not buy ANY souvenirs. No programs for twenty bucks, no plastic boomerang things for ten bucks, no Disney t-shirts for thirty. Not even the souvenir pic with a Disney princess cardboard cut-out for a whopping twenty bucks.
• I brought bananas and cookies for the twenty minute trek to the coliseum.
• I brought them to Carl’s Jr. and a frozen yogurt afterward for the low price of ONE Disney t-shirt.
• I found cute little Disney princess toys with interchangeable costumes for $4 each at a discount grocery store, much cheaper than the light up swords they were selling.

Don’t get me wrong. I am guilty of overspending at these sort of shows but after raising 3 on a military family budget, short cuts and money savers are essential! I’ve learned from experience that I ought to teach my kids the value of togetherness and happiness from togetherness rather than the satisfaction of getting something.

We do plan to go all out the next time we go to the happiest place on earth. By all out, I mean letting the kids choose ONE souvenir each.












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