Girls on the Go Run

So I added a necklace to my collection this morning…

Okay, it’s not a necklace. It’s a medal!

The girls and I ran in Girls on the Go Run early this morning in Sacramento. Yes, they did it too! They had a 400m dash. There were ten little girls and A came in second. She was so happy… Until she realized her medal wasn’t silver. Oh, that girl… L was the only one dressed up and made sure she looked just like Tiana from The Princess and the Frog, down to the cute little hair bun. Grandma and brother came out to support us and they all enjoyed fruit and water at the vendor booths.

I finished my first official 10k this morning and it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I hadn’t run since November, when I actually registered for this event.

What did I have to lose just sucking it up, getting out there, and doing the damn thing? Yes, I’m so sore you have no idea but who cares? I don’t need to be first or even fast if it means that:
• I can cross the finish line on my own two feet without a hospital gurney.
• I can honestly say I never looked back during the race and started to feel bad when others looked back at me as if relieved they passed me but eh, if that’s what their ego needs to feel better, whatever.
• My kids are there to cheer me on and hug me at the finish line and smile like I’m their heroine!

I tried to run all 6.2 miles at a slow and steady pace but was only able to jog until mile 5. I can’t start and stop like the other runners who would pass me and then slow down to walk. Once I stop, I stop so I figure slower is better for me.

But apparently not for my kids who I was told later looked for me when the crowd started coming in. My son M even said, “You were so slow, I thought you gave up!”

As I talked with the older daughter A I was tricked into signing up for some home delivery of organic fruits which wouldn’t be so bad if my mother didn’t grow everything already and I get it for free! A asked, “Did you come in second?”

I replied, “No, I probably came in second to last!”

The organic saleswoman said, “Well, at least you weren’t last!”

To which I took remarkable offense. First of all, I would have to call this pushy saleswoman to cancel whatever I signed up for (no wonder everyone was avoiding her booth; at least I grabbed an organic mandarin orange!). Second of all, just who did she think she was? Jillian from The Biggest Loser?

I said, “Someone’s got to be last. I would rather be last than not sign up at all!”

Point to chubby jogger who upon crossing the finish line, cartwheeled instead. True story.


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