The Looming Implementation

Last year it was Pinterest.

This year it is knitting via Pinterest. I’ve made a few scarves that I thought were so cute after I made them that I didn’t (and don’t) want to give them away.

I use looms that I bought from Joanne’s and Wal-Mart over the past few years when my interest in knitting has waxed and waned repeatedly.

Over winter break, I realized that I could knit in front of the TV but not really pay attention to the program. So poignant programs were out of the picture. I would watch reruns of “The Big Bang Theory” while knitting but then I started to miss reading.

And then… duh.

Books on tape! Or rather, cd.

I finished two scarves that way.

Another duh moment. If a sub job doesn’t require lecture, I found that I can knit while I walk around the class and monitor behavior.


Awesome. I can knit and give dirty looks at the same time.

Skill, I tell you. It takes skill.


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