Got Running Shoes?

I’ve got a 10K next month. Have I been running?

Erm, no.

My husband doesn’t think that it’ll be a problem, even with the weeks that have lapsed since my last run. “You know your pace,” he reasoned. “That’s the hardest part.”

I have been taking a Hot Hula class a couple of times a week and the other day I lifted weights for the first time in months.

The other day I had to step back and say whoa, in a noncritical and constructive manner. The holidays were hard, calorifically and emotionally. Recovery is even harder but in place.

And now that I’ve personally gotten rid of all of the sugar in the house (by sharing and eating), our eating choices are better. We limit going out to eat to once a week. Fruit is now on the kitchen counter instead of the endless supply of cookies from friends and family. Vegetables are now eaten with gusto once again. I stopped buying Christmas candies on clearance. (Never mind that the Christmas clearance candy is all gone.)

As to how I’m going to run 10K next month, I don’t know but I think I’ll be fine.


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