The Presence of Presents

Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas this year? Funny question to ask since all month I’ve been trying to emphasize His Presence over their presents.

20121230-170154.jpg A and a friend bringing in the Advent chain right before mass procession

Needless to say, like many families there was a blur of wrapping paper on Christmas morning. Not only did the kids get awesome stuff from Santa (who not surprisingly, gives our kids one thing they wanted on their Christmas list plus a bunch little things like candy and books in their stocking)…

Santa found a REALLY good deal on a drum set for A




What a coincidence that Santa get M the very video game he was saving up for!


And Santa gave L the castle she’s been wanting for the last two years! L asked me to open the box and wasn’t heard from again for the next several hours!


…two days later R took the kids out to spend their Christmas money from their grandparents. OMG! I guess you’re never too young to enjoy Christmas money and gift cards!




Christmas toys mean they will be able to part with gently used books and toys so others less fortunate can enjoy them. Mommy will be doing the same with her gently used books and clothes-that-I-have-to-part-with-already!

With the influx of new toys and clothes, will you be donating stuff you no longer use also?


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