Happy 11th!


My son celebrated his eleventh birthday. We went to IHOP for his birthday.

Little do they know that their kid-sized breakfasts will still be too big!

Talking to Daddy while he recovers at a friend’s house in Virginia

His cousins came over for a slumber party. We had pizza and birthday cake. They made Christmas ornaments made out of salt dough. (I used this recipe and the dough turned out just right. Not too dry, not too wet.)

R and I gave him an ukelele for his birthday. It is made of real wood with an abalone inlay. The sound that emanates from this instrument is amazing! Last month I decided to formally teach the girls how to play the piano. I went to a local music store and bought beginner lesson books for both of them. A has a plastic (still functional but plastic) ukelele and on a whim I decided to buy a chord book for the uke. Twenty-four hours later M memorized all of the chords. He can play several songs already! Needless to say, he loves that ukelele. (So do I!)








R and I were two first-time parents, newlyweds for less than a year, when M came along. Neither of us had family in Augusta, GA so we did it by ourselves for a while. I think we did a pretty damn good job.



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