Seen and Heard

* “I really am not that racist! She said she was going to bomb my house!”

* “Where’s it at?” (Ugh! A preposition at the end of a sentence! Seriously?)


* “Am I ever going to stop having crushes on people?”

* “Yeah, I have four holes in my new jeans. I put them there myself.”

* “I love that coffee shop! There’s one coffee that tastes like a Christmas cookie mocha!”

* “I love her accent. She can do Asian and Indian.”

* “What do I want for food?” Kid next to him gives him a bag of chips.

* “And then he gets mad for people making fun of him. He wears a snake head on top of his head!”


One thought on “Seen and Heard

  1. I’ll leave you to Police this one, my grammatica is terrible (sigh) most of the time, but (a) I live in blissful ignorance and (b) If I see something I tend to say to myself… nah, Life’s too short and just ignore it LOL.
    Being mildly dyslexic I’m just please to read and write at all.

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