The Crafty Capacitance

This has been quite a busy weekend. Rain storms kept me from driving to my race last Saturday and honestly driving in the rain would have been far worse than running in it! I felt quite gulty about missing the race but talked it over with my husband who always manages to say what I need to hear.

This weekend was my first craft fair. I had no idea what to expect. I baked three pans of brownies to sell for Saturday, three more for Sunday, and sold out of them by the end of the craft fair. I sold three kinds of brownies: chocolate caramel, mint (made with real Andes creme de menthe candies), and toffee. I don’t have a picture because they ran out too fast. Also, if I took the time to take a picture of some, they might have ended up in my belly.

I prepared these items to sell, priced $2-$10.





These wreaths took over sixty hours to make, priced $25-30 each.

I ended up donating one to the craft fair raffle. One of the volunteers was an elderly lady who was so kind to me. I guess you’d have to be to the FOUR-TIME WINNER of the raffle! Anyway, I ended up giving her one on her way out. I sent a friend’s daughter (who was selling her own treats as well) to bring it to her on her way to her car. I was told she was ecstatic. Sixty hours, schmixty hours.

BTW, t’s true! I won four times! I bought six raffle tickets for five dollars and won four times. I’ll have to take a picture of my winnings for a later post because I hear the kids stirring. Almost time for breakfast.

I also painted these wreaths red and glitterfied them. (If “glitterfied” is not a word, then it should be.) One of them sold.


I only sold a few items and the craft fair ended up costing me more than I actually made. I forgot to figure in the cost of lunch (and um, actually packing snacks and meals), not to mention all of the awesome crafts and treats out there. I bought a large loaf of pumpkin bread for ten bucks. Yes, pretty expensive but it was delicious and I was hoping that it would feed us for a few days.


It fed my kids for a few hours! My mom said that it disappeared fast.

I’m glad I got a slice when I did!

I’m thinking about doing another craft fair at an elementary school and repricing some of the items to sell.

But in the meantime, three kids’ bellies are growling and I am twenty thousand words behind for NaNoWriMo! Think I can catch up? I’ve done it before. Cross your fingers and send me a cyber kick to finish please!

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