The Eponine Complex

I was not very productive this weekend. The weather has officially moved to sweater status, sometimes even boots and jacket days. I don’t know what it is but cold weather and rain make me very sleepy.


We put up our Christmas tree but haven’t decorated it yet. I wanted it up before my Lia Sophia jewelry party on Wednesday.

This weekend will be my first craft fair at our church. I will be occupying a small corner of a friend’s booth and I’ll be selling Pinterest-inspired stuff from last year as well as homemade brownies with my son. Some of our proceeds will go back to the church and I hope this can be something our entire family does every year. I don’t know about other crafters but I don’t paint and glue gun and spray for the money though making enough to cover materials is ideal. It’s just a lot of fun, especially when the kids want to do their own project on the side.

Before the craft fair on Saturday I am running a 10K.

I haven’t been running since the last 10K. Um, last month.

I am not nervous about it. I think I will run at a slow pace and try to run the entire six-ish miles without stopping but…

I won’t beat myself up if I have to walk. I just want to finish.


Sometimes I freak out about what I’ve got scheduled but then I go back to work and somehow everything all gets worked out.

For the last few months, I’ve been thinking about how much I love the performing arts and would love to start bringing our kids to different shows. Did I ever tell you that I once auditioned for Les Miz?

Yep, I did.


That’s all it took. It only took one shot to let me know that while I may be able to carry a tune, I am no match for a Broadway audition. It only took one shot to realize that I have no future on Broadway. It only took one shot to realize that I would never sing in a theater.

Today I’m subbing for theater. Today I did this.


I sang. And I was loud. And probably okay.

But I don’t care. I sang in a theater.

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