NaNoWriMo: Day 7 (10,163)


10:35 am: I’m feeling much better today even though I had a hard time falling asleep last night. This morning, I started a two day sub job for an awesome English teacher.

I wrote four hundred words before lunch, passing the 9K mark. I was feeling pretty good, especially compared to yesterday and the day before. I was thinking about how Mexican food would be delicious for lunch since the teacher’s prep period was right after lunch and I had a couple of hours to myself. After I talked to my cousin’s daughter for a bit (she’s a junior here), I decided against leaving campus and just had a leftover chocolate chip Pop Tart I found on the kitchen counter this morning.

I went downstairs to the faculty restroom and came back…


To a classroom of students waiting outside my door!

New term, new schedule! So glad something made me stay instead of leaving.


And now I don’t have a class for last period. What shall I do?

Should I go home and let the dogs out? Should I go to Starbucks and have a delicious creme brulee latte? Should I pick up my kids from my brother’s house early?


No. I’m just gonna sit in this empty classroom and write.

1:40 pm: 9634 (So close to breaking 10K!)

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