If You Give Mommy An Errand…

Oh snap. We’re out of milk.

Come to think of it, I’m out of my sunscreen make-up thingie.
The nearest joint that sells MAC is the MAC store at the mall. Twenty minutes away.

While I’m there, I may as well go to the commissary. It’s only five minutes away from the mall.

Reminds me of those books If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.


If You Give Mommy An Errand
By Alma of Navy Wife Chronicles

If you give Mommy an errand, she’ll probably want to run four more errands to save on gas.

And if she wants to save on gas, she’ll probably want to go to the commissary.

If she goes to the commissary, she’ll want to drive to the mall and replenish her MAC make-up collection.

While she’s there, she’ll want to look in Nordstrom Rack.
Just to look. 20121105-145704.jpg
But then she’ll have to use the bathroom. She’ll get distracted.
Since she’s saving so much money, she’ll have to stop by TJ Maxx.

Just to look.

And she’ll be dazzled by many choices.

Then she’ll realize that she can carry her laptop in one of those cute handbags.

And she’ll remember that she had to mail Daddy’s laptop to him because he forgot it at home while he was on leave.

And if she has to go to the post office, chances are she’ll want to run four more errands to save on gas.

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