The Faking It Fluctuation

Another two weeks with Daddy have come and gone in the blink of an eye. This morning we were up at five in the morning to take Daddy to the airport again. Thank goodness for Daylight Savings Time or I would be even more useless than I am now.

We have been busy for the last two weeks, having volunteered for two major church events. I subbed for five days. We had a photo session; the church is preparing a directory for members featuring a free portrait for each family. I wish I could have taken a picture of the kids when they were posing. The boy was totally uninterested and the middle girl was copying the boy but the youngest? The youngest was posing for the camera even before the photographer told us to sit down!

The boy (with notification for his teacher and the office) took a day off to hang out with Daddy. He really needed that one-on-one time. The middle child had an afternoon last Friday with Daddy all to herself. The youngest didn’t take any time off since she’s in kindergarten for only three hours a day.

Last night we went to get pho (Vietnamese soup) and ice cream for dessert but on Monday we picked up the kids right after school. I told them everyone was coming with me to run errands.

“Errands?” The boy practically shouted. “Can’t I go home?”

“Nope,” I said. “And there’s a new shoe store down the road. I want to buy more shoes.”

Ahhh… the groans in the car were deafening.

So we drove to the movie theater and watched the movie they had been waiting weeks to see, Hotel Transylvania.


We rarely go to the movies. No, wait. R usually is the one who takes the kids to see movies. I don’t mind. It’s their thing so I was pretty excited to go to the movies with them– all five of us together. It was rather fun to sit next to my husband during a movie and hold hands. We snuck in homemade cookies from R’s family which are long gone by now.

Today I had to get a bunch of handouts ready for an elementary kids’ group at church as well as teach Sunday school for kindergarteners.

All was going well until…

1. I realized I was teaching THE SAME LESSON AS LAST WEEK.


2. I realized I was missing FIFTY HANDOUTS.

Honestly, what could I do at that point? Pretty much nothing. No, wait. I owned up to my mistakes (apologized to the director of Sunday school and last week’s teacher who were both really understanding and go-with-the-flow about it; left a message with other teachers in charge of handouts and had my kids finish up what they could).

People around me wonder how I can do what I do without my husband to help. Working, taking care of the kids, volunteering, pets, NaNoWriMo, you name it… I don’t know how I do it either. I guess I have a really great talent for juggling or faking it, at the very least.


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