NaNoWriMo: Day 4 (7837)

1:24 pm: OMG. Someone tell my kids to be quiet.

My husband R and kids have been playing Minecraft nonstop this weekend.


Now that he went back to Virginia, they won’t have as grand a time and they’ll stop playing, right? WRONG.

I have a 10K in two weeks that I have neglected to train for. Oops. Maybe I’ll go for a run tomorrow morning. Or maybe I should stop eating crap.

With day four into NaNoWriMo? I don’t see that happening. Perhaps I can slow my chocolate consumption.

Heh heh heh…

I doubt I will accept a sub job for tomorrow since the youngest, like my husband, has been a bit congested. Best to not accept a job just in case she may need to stay home from school. While I’m at it, I could probably pick up some milk…

I didn’t realize I caught up yesterday and even pulled ahead. I think I may need a nap. Hmmm… can beds talk because I swear I hear mine calling my name?


7:59 pm: Two hour nap. Talked to husband who flew into Norfolk safely. Fed the kids leftovers. A 500+ word session on Write Or Die. Ate a dinner that included an assortment of leftover avocado salad and tortilla chips. Had some of these delicious cookies that R and I found at the commissary.

Um, yes. He and I did eat a whole package of these by ourselves while the kids were at school. We bought a second one to share with the kids. I thought about hoarding them to use while writing but oh, that’s a calorie nightmare that I was able to avoid. Tonight.
Those caramel cookies are DIVINE. If you’ve never had any before, I highly recommend them. Chewy caramel goodness that makes you forget to read how many cookies are in a serving size and how many calories there are in said serving size. Yes, don’t look at those numbers while you enjoy them. I wanted to take a picture of our cookies but– surprise, surprise– they are long gone in our bellies by now. I found this image on Google though.

Four letters for you: OMFG.

So I’m going to try and write a thousand more words before yawning takes over my evening.

Good luck to my fellow NaNo-ers! (BTW, I’m going to try to write 11,000 words on Veteran’s Day weekend. Who else is up for the challenge? Military spouse Nano-ers, I’m talking to you!)

20121104-201600.jpg Why did I think that was pizza in the background? How sad.

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