NaNoWriMo: Day 2 (2440)

8:00 am: Didn’t break a thousand last night but not too shabby since I was freaking out for the better part of the day. Subbing now and the classes are watching a movie today. I’m not complaining. These kids have been doing an awesome job on their assignments all week and I suspect that is the tone for the entire term.

1:12 pm: Planning all morning. Studying Hero’s Journey.
Using Snowflake Method. Will try to get more of an outline to play up a strength; that is, I can write a really good scene, maybe two, but beyond that I struggle. Full-length novel-writing is very difficult for me. I thought having countless scenes to create and set-up (using the Snowflake Method) may make the entire process of putting this together so much easier. Tonight I am going to a write-in at a Starbucks near my house so I hope to have much more in hand by then.

6:24 pm: At a write-in. No one is here yet but that’s okay. I can start writing!

8:51 pm: Yay! One person showed up. My word count is up to 2304. If I can write a thousand more before midnight, I will be on schedule.

I spent all day outlining and drawing out a clear direction of where I want my novel to go. I am totally not a planner but not having one makes it extremely hard to revise! I don’t even want to look at my last two Nano novels because well, it’s very frustrating. Maybe one day. Maybe I’ll start with this year’s on January 1st!20121102-205838.jpg20121102-205850.jpg

12:04 am, 11/3/12

I wanted to write another thousand words but I had mountains of laundry to fold. Also I had to switch out the kids’ summer clothes for winter. It’s times like this that I am happy that I check out clearance racks all year long. Up in the girls’ closet I found a couple of winter dresses I bought for seven bucks each at H&M for A. I also found two pairs of pants in the next size up for A for only five dollars a pair. L is only five years old and doesn’t mind hand-me-downs so I am definitely taking advantage of that and passing along A’s clothes although… A has become a little territorial with her favorite shirts and sometimes insisting on wearing a turtleneck or Christmas shirt that are two sizes too small. Luckily I have been able to let her teachers and other parents know that there will be days where A will wear something questionable (clashing clothes on purpose, a cherished tee that’s become too small, etc.); I’m sure most parents can empathize.

Maybe I didn’t hit my word count but I have two huge bags of clothes that the kids don’t fit anymore. They are ready to be donated to Goodwill first thing in the morning!

FC 2440

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